How To File A Provisional Patent Online With A Registered Attorney

There are several key steps to file a provisional patent online with a registered attorney. Inventors routinely use provisional patent applications (PPAs) to secure intellectual property rights without a formal claim, declaration, or information disclosure. Then, they can apply the “Patent Pending” term in connection with their novel idea. As an inventor yourself, you may have already thought about obtaining a PPA to protect your innovative, creative, and profitable idea. To help you protect your novel idea, read on to learn how to file a provisional patent online with a registered attorney.

Describe Your Invention

First and foremost, describe your invention to get a provisional patent online. You want to explain exactly what your invention does, what it looks like, and how to operate it. It needs to be thoroughly detailed, so that anyone understands the basic functionality of your product. Many inventors are apprehensive during this process. After all, you are looking to safeguard your novel idea, not publicize it to the masses. Keep in mind that this is exactly what you are doing during this process. In fact, you are simply describing exactly what you want to protect to your patent attorney, as well as the USPTO. Certainly, describe your invention to file a provisional patent online with a registered agent.

Prepare Invention Drawings

Next, prepare invention drawings for your online provisional patent application. One of the easiest ways to prepare drawings is with a basic pencil sketch. Use this method to draft a rough blueprint of your invention in a sketchpad. If you are good with tech, you should also produce computer-aided design (CAD) blueprints. These provide a more visual, accurate rendering of your unique novel idea. You may also want to invest in prototype development for your product. Whichever methods you choose, be sure to log everything within your inventor’s journal. This will help you stay organized, productive, and prepared throughout the intellectual property process. Surely, prepare invention drawings to get your provisional patent application online.

Hire A Patent Attorney

Now, you are ready to hire a USPTO registered attorney to help you file a provisional patent application online. There are several key things to look for in a knowledgeable patent practitioner. For a start, you want to hire an agent with the appropriate intellectual property background and experience. In addition, they should offer strategic guidance and high success rates. Other essential qualifications relate back to the speed of patent acquisition, as well as their overall value through costs. Of course, you should also examine your attorney on an interpersonal level. For example, they must be excellent communicators, active listeners, and extremely organized. It is also recommended that your chosen agent has a strong sense of attention-to-detail. Indeed, hire an expert attorney to help you file a provisional patent online in the US.

Search For Similar Inventions

Before you file a provisional patent online, you want to search for inventions that are similar to yours. There are several ways to help you properly examine for similar prior arts. Most commonly, inventors use patent search reports to examine pending and intellectual property from the US, as well as Europe. Simply put, a patent search involves an in-depth examination of any intellectual property that may be considered a similar or identical prior art reference. This refers to anything that is currently in the public domain. By obtaining these comprehensive reports, you can gain actionable insights into competitor activity and eliminate redundant research. Plus, a patent search will lower your risk of infringement and accelerate the time to commercialization. Absolutely, search for similar inventions to secure a provisional patent online with a registered IP attorney.

Secure Your PPA

At this point, it is time to secure your provisional patent application online. Your patent attorney will help you prepare your application, submit the required filing fees, and finalize your PPA. Then, they can help you take the next steps to ensure your provisional patent is properly obtained. Once you have secured intellectual property, they can help you file additional patent applications later on. After all, your PPA will only last for a one-year pendency. Definitely, secure your provisional patent application online with the help of a registered attorney.

There are a few key steps to effectively file a provisional patent online with a registered attorney. First off, describe your invention. Next, prepare professional invention drawings. Once you have done so, hire a USPTO registered patent attorney Florida to help you file your application. With their help, you can search for similar inventions using a search report. At this point, it is time to secure your provisional patent application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to file a provisional patent online with a registered attorney.

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