How To File A Patent In US With A Registered Attorney


There are several steps to successfully file a provisional, design, or utility patent in the United States with a registered attorney. Patents are valuable forms of intellectual property (IP) that give inventors the exclusive right to produce, distribute, sell, or profit from a novel invention. Of course, the process to correctly draft and file a patent application is fairly complex. Fortunately, expert USPTO patent attorneys in Delaware are available to assist you throughout every step of the process. Working alongside these registered professionals, you can benefit from process knowledge, legal advice, and IP expertise throughout the patent prosecution process. To help you get started, read on to learn how to file a patent in the US with a registered attorney.

Describe Your Invention

First and foremost, clearly describe your invention to file a patent in US. From the very beginning, document every step of your invention planning, prototyping, and development process in an accessible notebook. Within your notes, clearly describe every functional aspect, visual components, and new modifications of the invention. Plus, you should sketch and diagram your ideas to make your invention more visible. Of course, this will help patent attorneys and USPTO examiners better understand how you originally envisioned your idea. Once you have all of this in place, write a final brief description of the invention. Throughout the process, your patent attorney will frequently refer to this information to streamline application filing. Certainly, invention description is a critical step to get a patent application in the US.

Hire A Patent Attorney

Next, hire an expert patent agent Las Vegas Nevada to assist you throughout the drafting, filing, and prosecution process. The application drafting, filing, and submission process can be made much easier with a knowledgeable patent practitioner. These licensed professionals have helped hundreds novel inventors successfully navigate the patent acquisition procedure. In addition, USPTO registered experts can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes when filing your very first application. Before hiring a patent filing agent, review their success rate, litigation experience, and inventor support services. Surely, hire an attorney to help you file a patent in US with a registered attorney.

Assess Your Patentability

With the assistance of your registered intellectual property attorney, you can begin to assess your patentability. In order for your application to be granted, your invention must be defined as new, novel, and non-obvious. Of course, you can not apply for intellectual property if your invention has already been publicly disclosed. That’s why many agents recommend obtaining a comprehensive patent search report as well. These advanced documents provide an organized list of all issued intellectual property that has similar qualities, or is identical to your invention. With these professional reports, you can eliminate redundant research, as well as your risk of intellectual property infringement. Plus, a patent search will help you accelerate the time to commercialization and gain deeper insights into competitor activity. Indeed, assess your eligibility to file a patent in USA with a licensed agent.

Choose The Right Type Of Patent

Now, you are ready to choose the right type of patent to file in the US. Typically, inventors begin the process with a one-year provisional patent application (PPA). Essentially, a PPA secures a temporary ‘Patent Pending’ status for your novel idea. By the end one this twelve-month pendency, you must apply for an additional form of intellectual property. Traditionally, inventors opt for a full, non-provisional patent application. These provide you high-level, exclusive IP rights for up to twenty years. If you are looking to solely protect the visual, ornamental qualities of your invention, you may want to file a design patent application as well. Absolutely, choose the right type of application to file a patent in US with a registered attorney.

Discuss Filing Costs

At this point, it is time to discuss the cost to file a patent in US with a registered attorney. Ultimately, the cost for applications depend on your invention complexity, as well as the type of patent you are looking to file. Provisional patents, for example, only cost approximately $200. Design patents, on the other hand, often cost about $1,100, after a $245 USPTO filing fee. For full patent protection, which is provided by a utility patent application, you should expert to pay about $2,779. Definitely, discussing filing costs is essential when filing a patent in USA.

There are several critical steps to file a patent in the US with a registered attorney. First off, thoroughly describe your invention’s core concept and idea. Next, hire one of the best USPTO registered practitioners to assist you throughout the process. With their help, you can begin to assess your personal patentability. Now, you are ready to choose the right type of application to file. Depending on your needs, this may be a provisional, design, or utility patent application. At this point, it is time to discuss the overall costs associated with filing your IP. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to file a patent in US with a registered attorney.

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