5 Effective Ways To Protect My Idea From Being Stolen


There are plenty of effective ways to protect your idea from being stolen and secure your brand reputation. Selecting, preparing, and securing intellectual property (IP) is an important task for novel inventors, such as yourself. Afterall, these forms of protection are an important resource to protect your original creation. Whether you are looking to protect your invention idea, a new process, or even a business, there are several innovative methods you can employ. This way, you can enhance your market value and begin commercialization of your protected ideas. Of course, this will generally help you sustain a competitive advantage and maximize your profits. Read on to learn about the most effective ways to protect your idea from being stolen.

File A Trademark

First off, consider filing a trademark application to protect your idea from being stolen. A trademark consists of a recognizable sign, symbol, design, or expression that is legally registered or established. Filing this form of IP protection, you will enjoy nationwide priority, the right to use the “®” symbol, and obtain a public record of ownership. Since the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), will police any marks that are confusingly similar, you will likely experience lower enforcement expenses as well. Of course, this often leads to stronger damages against counterfeiters and higher security from cybersquatters. Naturally, this is a highly-effective form of protection against manufacturing, distributing, or importing an infringing product. Certainly, trademark filing is a great way to protect your idea from being stolen.

Get A Patent Pending Status

In addition, getting a patent pending status is a great way to secure your original idea. In order to obtain this title, you will need to file a provisional patent with the help of an experienced agent. A provisional patent application (PPA) helps secure your novel idea from being copied during the one-year period before a formal, non-provisional patent is filed. During this time, you can assess the commercial viability of your invention, establish an official filing date with the USPTO, and extend your patent protection term. Of course, a PPA provides you with confidentiality, immediate acceptance, and a much faster preliminary process. Surely, a provisional patent application (PPA) is the perfect resource to secure your valuable idea.

Obtain A Non-Provisional Utility Patent

Next, many inventors utilize full non-provisional utility patents to protect their novel ideas. Non provisional applications are commonly referred to as the “regular” form of patent protection. Once obtained, these applications will provide you full patent rights for up to twenty years on your invention. With this form of IP secured, you have the legal right to stop others from manufacturing, distributing, copying, or importing your invention without permission. This way, you can keep competitors at bay, or choose to license your idea out for profit. Indeed, file a non-provisional patent to ensure sufficient protection for your valuable, original idea.

File A Design Patent

At the same time, speak with your agent about the benefits of filing a design patent online. A design patent is an excellent resource to legally protect the distinct, unique visual qualities of your idea. If you can associate a specific configuration, surface ornamentation, or other design attribute of your idea, it will likely qualify for patent protection. Leveraging this form of IP, you can prevent knockoffs, and secure your functional or structural idea elements. Fortunately, you can easy file an application with the help of your local USPTO registered patent agent. This way, you can save money, obtain faster patent protection, and gain knowledgeable advice. Absolutely, filing a design patent is another effective resource to protect your idea from being stolen.

Obtain A Copyright

Of course, you can always obtain a copyright to secure your invention idea or concept. Copyrights are a form of intellectual property that provides you the exclusive right to print, publish, or record a creative work. Filing a copyright, you will obtain a public record and presumption of ownership. This way, you can leverage the ability to bring an infringement suit, ensure validity, and maximize potential damages. Definitely, obtaining a copyright will help you secure and protect your innovative idea.

There are several highly-effective ways to keep your ideas from being stolen. Firstly, file a trademark to protect your idea. In addition, consider getting a patent pending status through a provisional application. At the same time, evaluate the benefits of non-provisional patent filing. Next, you may want to additionally file a design patent to secure the look and feel of your idea. Of course, obtaining a copyright is another important technique to help you obtain your IP protection. Follow the ideas highlighted above to learn about the most effective ways to protect your idea from being stolen.

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