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US 11544179 B21/3/2023Source traceability-based impact analysisView PDF
US 11540651 B21/3/2023Rotatable platform riser systemView PDF
US 11543607 B21/3/2023IROVF standard to transport uncompressed unprocessed audio video data and mixed signals over fiber based AOC active optical cables added with integrated IR infrared remote controlView PDF
US 11541676 B21/3/2023Positioning aid for a stamping toolView PDF
US 11543553 B21/3/2023Multi-synthetic aperture inductive coil transducerView PDF
US D974045 S1/3/2023Hair combView PDF
US 11537976 B212/27/2022Multi-nodal supply chain system and method for supply chain workflow execution using transportable and continuously trackable storage binsView PDF
US 11537279 B212/27/2022System and method for enhancing an expression of a digital pictorial imageView PDF
US 11536486 B212/27/2022Assembly and method for preventing water damage to insulated exhaust ductsView PDF
US 11533312 B212/20/2022Dynamically enforcing context sensitive network access control policiesView PDF
US D972883 S12/20/2022Alcohol filterView PDF
US D972859 S12/20/2022Isosceles triangular paper towel dispenserView PDF
US D972313 S12/13/2022Paper tissueView PDF
US 11516971 B212/6/2022Stackable plant pot assemblyView PDF
US 11517227 B212/6/2022Methods for monitoring carboxyhemoglobin, inspired and expired CO2 and calibration of non-invasive arterial O2 saturationView PDF
US 11521042 B212/6/2022System and method to dynamically and automatically sharing resources of coprocessor AI acceleratorsView PDF
US D972093 S12/6/2022Hair straining deviceView PDF
US D970150 S11/22/2022Footwear accessory for lifting shoe tongueView PDF
US D970257 S11/22/2022Wedge-shaped pillowView PDF
US D970781 S11/22/2022Outdoor landscape lampView PDF
US 11502642 B211/15/2022Systems, circuits and methods for harvesting energy from solar cellsView PDF
US 11496092 B211/8/2022Systems, circuits and methods for monitoring and dynamically configuring solar cellsView PDF
US 11489787 B211/1/2022Centrally managed time-sensitive fog networksView PDF
US D968589 S11/1/2022Face maskView PDF
US 11478024 B210/25/2022Muti-fabric expandable apparelView PDF
US 11482243 B210/25/2022System and method for automatically identifying and ranking key moments in mediaView PDF
US 11473235 B110/18/2022Ironing board with a storage trayView PDF
US 11475505 B210/18/2022Method and system for automatic end-to-end preparation and management of foodView PDF
US 11475521 B210/18/2022System and method for payments in financial instrument’s tradeView PDF
US 11474771 B110/18/2022System and method for crowdsourcing and delivering mediaView PDF
US D967352 S10/18/2022Bathtub drain strainerView PDF
US D966972 S10/18/2022Automotive windshield sunshadeView PDF
US D966811 S10/18/2022Mesh grilling bagView PDF
US D966404 S10/11/2022Cover for stringed instrument neck and stringsView PDF
US 11461988 B210/4/2022Method of transferring data between unconnected computing devicesView PDF
US 11458329 B210/4/2022Componentry and devices for light therapy delivery and methods related theretoView PDF
US 11455595 B29/27/2022Multi-entity inventory management using storage bin and inventory reassignmentView PDF
US 11453038 B29/27/2022Aligning cap for conduitsView PDF
US D964759 S9/27/2022Footrest for a highchairView PDF
US 11447296 B29/20/2022Apparatus for pouring wineView PDF
US D963410 S9/13/2022Cereal sipperView PDF
US D963291 S9/13/2022Legging having a pocket flapView PDF
US D963896 S9/13/2022Crowd control stanchionView PDF
US 11434630 B19/6/2022Hair straining deviceView PDF
US 11433914 B29/6/2022System and method for controlling vehicle components using smartphoneView PDF
US 11425152 B28/23/2022Physical and network security system and mehtodsView PDF
US D961544 S8/23/2022Wearable audio recorder with a wearable remote controlView PDF
US D961289 S8/23/2022Caddy for organizing oral hygiene productsView PDF
US 11414824 B28/16/2022Water surface debris collectorView PDF
US 11413977 B28/16/2022Charging assembly for electric vehicleView PDF
US 11406221 B28/9/2022Utility skirt for wire chafing dish rackView PDF
US 11403323 B28/2/2022Illuminating data related to applicationView PDF
US D958541 S7/26/2022Set of spacers for a backpackView PDF
US 11389419 B17/19/2022Treatment of disorders arising from genetic mutationView PDF
US D958358 S7/19/2022Suture kit holderView PDF
US 11369102 B26/28/2022Fishing rod holderView PDF
US 11369717 B26/28/2022Fibrous nerve conduit for promoting nerve regenerationView PDF
US D955609 S6/21/2022Flashing for channeling roof waterView PDF
US 11358169 B26/14/2022Automated system for applying coating to a surfaceView PDF
US 11363068 B26/14/2022Method and system for providing a complete traceability of changes incurred in a security policyView PDF
US D953686 S6/7/2022Cone for cotton candyView PDF
US 11343279 B25/24/2022System and methods for developing secure platform to deliver end-to-end protection and safety for transactions using multi-dimensional, multi-layered security controlView PDF
US 11337421 B25/24/2022Method for producing antimicrobial nanofilms packaging cover based on Titanium nano-dioxide through extrusion for extension of food shelf-lifeView PDF
US 11331342 B25/17/2022Treatment of infections and associated pathophysiological conditionsView PDF
US 11331535 B25/17/2022Exercise machineView PDF
US 11328706 B25/10/2022System and method for multilingual conversion of text data to speech dataView PDF
US 11325612 B25/10/2022Passenger safety systemView PDF
US 11322052 B25/3/2022Water air land tracks baggage identification locator computer product and methodsView PDF
US 11320599 B25/3/2022Multimedia connector cableView PDF
US 11319146 B25/3/2022Apparatus for confining trash cansView PDF
US 11321988 B25/3/2022Processing device for currency bills and a method of use thereofView PDF
US 11314856 B24/26/2022Generating rule-based access control policies using a bytecode instrumentation systemView PDF
US 11311638 B24/26/2022Portable sterilization case for personal protective equipmentView PDF
US 11312165 B24/26/2022Positioning aid for a stamping toolView PDF
US 11312432 B24/26/2022Gooseneck trailer with a guide for alignmentView PDF
US 11311787 B24/26/2022Robotic training apparatusView PDF
US 11306752 B24/19/2022Modular clamping systemView PDF
US 11308458 B24/19/2022Method for directing, scheduling, and facilitating maintenance requirements for autonomous vehicleView PDF
US D949506 S4/19/2022Device to transport and retain sports equipmentView PDF
US 11303678 B24/12/2022Determination and autocorrection of modified security policiesView PDF
US 11297032 B24/5/2022Method for detecting user migration from enterprise network to non-enterprise network and a device thereofView PDF
US 11284723 B23/29/2022Seat pad assembly with ventilationView PDF
US D947395 S3/29/2022Baby teetherView PDF
US 11279348 B23/22/2022Safety, security and control system for vehicleView PDF
US 11283784 B23/22/2022Peer to peer communication in ad-hoc and cloaked networksView PDF
US 11282406 B23/22/2022Safety and training apparatus and a method thereofView PDF
US 11276039 B23/15/2022Role-agnostic interaction management and workflow sequence generationView PDF
US D945742 S3/15/2022Sleeping bagView PDF
US D946159 S3/15/2022Baby teetherView PDF
US D945193 S3/8/2022Rack for long-handled toolsView PDF
US D944998 S3/1/2022Baby teetherView PDF
US 11253095 B22/22/2022Parcel drop boxView PDF
US D943822 S2/15/2022Combined cigarette pack and lighter holderView PDF
US 11237545 B22/1/2022System and method for converting manual industrial machines into automatic industrial machinesView PDF
US 11230341 B21/25/2022Nose-dive prevention device for a one-wheeled transporation deviceView PDF
US 11227068 B21/18/2022System and method for sensitive data retirementView PDF
US D941456 S1/18/2022Roof duct cap assemblyView PDF
US 11220082 B21/11/2022Method for inflating airbagsView PDF
US 11214425 B21/4/2022Method for inflating airbagsView PDF
US 11213924 B21/4/2022Stuck axle hub removal assemblyView PDF
US D939872 S1/4/2022Stand for paint brushesView PDF
US D940211 S1/4/2022Ice trayView PDF
US 11203342 B212/21/2021Hybrid system and method for conserving regenerative braking energy in a vehicleView PDF
US D938883 S12/21/2021Wheel rimView PDF
US 11197969 B212/14/2021Miniature air filtration assembly for a medical fieldView PDF
US 11197513 B212/14/2021Running shoeView PDF
US 11181297 B211/23/2021Vent assembly for a ventilation systemView PDF
US 11173181 B211/16/2021Camel hump-oil based herbal compositions and method of making the sameView PDF
US 11174098 B211/16/2021Logistics container for frac sand and frac liquidView PDF
US 11171928 B211/9/2021Local peer to peer direct connection in network address translator (NAT) and overlay networksView PDF
US 11170012 B211/9/2021Determining session count of unique sessions for requested time periodsView PDF
US 11166784 B211/9/2021Power generating system for a rotatory dental apparatusView PDF
US 11172114 B211/9/2021System and method for photographyView PDF
US 11167406 B211/9/2021Apparatus for storing and organizing utility toolsView PDF
US 11159611 B210/26/2021System and method for leader election for distributed systemsView PDF
US 11154118 B210/26/2021Footwear accessoryView PDF
US 11151858 B210/19/2021Crowd management in an enclosed premisesView PDF
US 11148866 B210/19/2021Airbag with a hammockView PDF
US 11127043 B29/21/2021System and a method for enhancing audience reach and brand promotion through televisionView PDF
US 11128608 B29/21/2021Randomized traffic selection for flow deception in IPsec ad-hoc and cloaked networksView PDF
US 11127276 B29/21/2021Emergency alarm system for restricted spacesView PDF
US 11119453 B29/14/2021System and method for remote non-intrusive monitoring of assets and entitiesView PDF
US 11110190 B19/7/2021Currency bill dispenser with radiation sterilizationView PDF
US 11095614 B28/17/2021Configuring hostname based firewall policiesView PDF
US 11090134 B28/17/2021Assembly for fabricating dental veneerView PDF
US 11090315 B18/17/2021Prevention and treatment of flu-type viral infections and related complicationsView PDF
US 11093492 B18/17/2021System and method of fetching data from an external programView PDF
US 11083216 B28/10/2021Graphene based tobacco smoke filter and a method for synthesizing graphene compositionView PDF
US 11088843 B28/10/2021Trusted virtual process execution contexts using secure distributed ledgerView PDF
US 11083346 B18/10/2021Freestanding and high-volume capacity dispenser for dispensing a measured amount of a liquid hand disinfectantView PDF
US 11079662 B28/3/2021Rotatable platform riser systemView PDF
US 11081254 B28/3/2021Smart home cableView PDF
US 11075988 B27/27/2021Consensus mechanism for distributed systemsView PDF
US 11075892 B27/27/2021Fully cloaked network communication model for remediation of traffic analysis based network attacksView PDF
US 11074895 B27/27/2021Neck cover for a stringed musical instrumentView PDF
US 11068878 B27/20/2021System and method for data communication between computing devices using audio signalsView PDF
US 11063959 B27/13/2021Secure and seamless remote access to enterprise applications with zero user interventionView PDF
US 11053921 B27/6/2021Multi-source renewable power generation systemView PDF
US 11051596 B27/6/2021Neck chain holderView PDF
US 11049152 B26/29/2021System and method for dynamically creating and publishing reviewsView PDF
US 11049079 B26/29/2021Method for directing, scheduling, and facilitating maintenance requirements for autonomous vehicleView PDF
US D920657 S6/1/2021Modular umbrella standView PDF
US 11013449 B25/25/2021Methods and systems for decoding, inducing, and training peak mind/body states via multi-modal technologiesView PDF
US 11016725 B25/25/2021System and method connected to a casket to play audio file over a networkView PDF
US 11001826 B25/11/2021Orally administered composition to lower serum methionine levels and method of useView PDF
US 11005857 B25/11/2021Systems and methods for securing industrial data streams with a fog root of trustView PDF
US 10992635 B24/27/2021Establishing connection between different overlay networks using edge application gatewayView PDF
US 10979368 B24/13/2021Architecture for converged industrial control and real time applicationsView PDF
US 10972579 B24/6/2021Adaptive scheduling for edge devices and networksView PDF
US 10965651 B23/30/2021Secure domain name system to support a private communication serviceView PDF
US 10956948 B23/23/2021System and method for hotel discovery and generating generalized reviewsView PDF
US 10958580 B23/23/2021System and method of performing load balancing over an overlay networkView PDF
US 10958556 B23/23/2021Probe and secure the vulnerable network services using a centralized controllerView PDF
US 10955830 B23/23/2021Systems and methods for designing and securing edge data processing pipelinesView PDF
US 10953065 B23/23/2021Formulation of saffron and a method of preparation thereofView PDF
US 10949743 B23/16/2021Method and system for implementing reinforcement learning agent using reinforcement learning processorView PDF
US 10949377 B13/16/2021Multimedia cable with dedicated infrared channelView PDF
US D913013 S3/16/2021Neck pillow with hand-restView PDF
US 10938619 B23/2/2021Allocation of virtual interfaces to containersView PDF
US 10938777 B23/2/2021Computer implemented system and method for snooping PCP packetsView PDF
US 10933721 B23/2/2021Air freshener holder for automobileView PDF
US 10925788 B22/23/2021Integrated hospital bed with bath and wash facilitiesView PDF
US 10929454 B22/23/2021System and method for organizing notesView PDF
US 10930080 B22/23/2021System and method for creating virtual and augmented reality environmentView PDF
US 10913104 B22/9/2021Nanoparticle based sand conditioner composition and a method of synthesizing the sameView PDF
US 10917439 B22/9/2021Contextual security behavior management and change executionView PDF
US 10904068 B21/26/2021System and method to provide seamless data placement, data movement, and data management into cloudView PDF
US 10904715 B21/26/2021Multipoint-to-point (MP2P) EPS bearerView PDF
US 10896621 B21/19/2021Educational robotView PDF
US 10889311 B21/12/2021Medical instruments strollerView PDF
US 10878314 B212/29/2020System and method for training artificial intelligence systems using a SIMA based processorView PDF
US 10880012 B212/29/2020Optical transmission systemView PDF
US 10868754 B212/15/2020High availability input/output management nodesView PDF
US 10867474 B212/15/2020Online gaming platform integrated with multiple virtual currenciesView PDF
US 10862804 B212/8/2020Redirecting data packets between overlay network and underlay networkView PDF
US 10856654 B212/8/2020Portable workstation apparatusView PDF
US D904209 S12/8/2020Alignment tool for electrical devicesView PDF
US D904172 S12/8/2020Mounting bracket for a caseView PDF
US 10846491 B111/24/2020Acoustic tag for product information display and a system and method for reading an acoustic tagView PDF
US 10837432 B111/17/2020Tabletop inflation systemView PDF
US 10826564 B211/3/2020System of signal-over-power network adapters for low power networksView PDF
US 10820809 B211/3/2020Apparatus and method for detecting and notifying postpartum haemorrhageView PDF
US 10826714 B211/3/2020Smart power adapterView PDF
US 10810361 B110/20/2020Role-agnostic interaction management and real time workflow sequence generation from a live documentView PDF
US 10803723 B210/13/2020Safety apparatus for a water bodyView PDF
US 10798063 B210/6/2020Enterprise grade security for integrating multiple domains with a public cloudView PDF
US 10796484 B210/6/2020System and method for interactive multimedia and multi-lingual guided tour/panorama tourView PDF
US 10792079 B110/6/2020Surgical toolView PDF
US 10789796 B19/29/2020Priority-based, facial recognition-assisted attendance determination and validation systemView PDF
US 10780142 B29/22/2020Aloe-hyplex topical formulation and a method of preparationView PDF
US 10778636 B29/15/2020Dynamic credential based addressingView PDF
US 10772562 B29/15/2020Method for monitoring non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate and detection of carboxyhemoglobinView PDF
US 10774536 B29/15/2020Rainwater gutterView PDF
US 10776094 B29/15/2020Computer implemented system and method for encoding configuration information in a filenameView PDF
US D895226 S9/8/2020Snack food productView PDF
US 10758455 B29/1/2020Pills dispensing deviceView PDF
US 10757985 B29/1/2020Garment lighting systemView PDF
US 10755314 B28/25/2020Method and system for interaction between users, vendors, brands, stakeholders for products and services in real time during usage or consumption life cycleView PDF
US 10753091 B28/25/2020Hempcrete wall block panelView PDF
US 10757568 B28/25/2020System and method for communicating digital data using media contentView PDF
US 10743693 B28/18/2020Secure package delivery and pick-up systemView PDF
US 10746349 B28/18/2020Extendable cage telescopic systemView PDF
US 10745454 B28/18/2020Method of synthesizing antagonist peptides for cell growthView PDF
US 10740710 B28/11/2020Fog computing facilitated flexible factoryView PDF
US 10742012 B28/11/2020Screw less cover plate for electrical fixturesView PDF
US D892435 S8/11/2020Nunzi sports shortsView PDF
US D890757 S7/21/2020Finger activated switching deviceView PDF
US D890616 S7/21/2020Compact alignment tool for electrical devicesView PDF
US 10708138 B27/7/2020System and method for an improved placement of storage resources on nodes in networkView PDF
US 10700972 B26/30/2020Computer implemented system and method for preserving mapping information in IP-optionsView PDF
US 10699047 B26/30/2020Energy reduction method by approximation for FPGAView PDF
US 10682541 B26/16/2020Neck strengthening apparatusView PDF
US 10686711 B26/16/2020Enhanced quality of service management for inter-computing system communicationView PDF
US 10686592 B16/16/2020System and method to provide a secure communication of informationView PDF
US 10676254 B26/9/2020Lid having an inbuilt spout for drinkingView PDF
US 10673811 B26/2/2020Updating address mapping for local and network resourcesView PDF
US 10671750 B26/2/2020System and method for data classification centric sensitive data discoveryView PDF
US 10657577 B25/19/2020Method and system for automatic end-to-end preparation and management of foodView PDF
US 10652212 B25/12/2020System and method for managing the data packets exchanged across a computer networkView PDF
US 10631636 B24/28/2020Extendable table systemView PDF
US 10632408 B24/28/2020Removable filter for portable fanView PDF
US 10635826 B24/28/2020System and method for securing data in a storage mediumView PDF
US 10636331 B14/28/2020Audio electronic labelling systemView PDF
US 10630657 B24/21/2020System and method for enhancing the security of data packets exchanged across a computer networkView PDF
US 10624805 B24/21/2020Patient transfer systemView PDF
US 10601523 B13/24/2020System and method for communicating digital data using ambient acoustic wavesView PDF
US 10585946 B23/10/2020System and method for generating a model for creating graphs of regular degreeView PDF
US 10587933 B23/10/2020System and method for providing an alert on delivering digital contentView PDF
US 10586427 B23/10/2020Online gaming platform integrated with multiple virtual currenciesView PDF
US 10579427 B23/3/2020Method and system for translating resource requirement of application into tangible infrastructural resourcesView PDF
US 10581532 B23/3/2020System and a method for establishing data communication between devices using audio frequencyView PDF
US 10579809 B23/3/2020National identification number based authentication and content deliveryView PDF
US 10574711 B22/25/2020Efficient multimedia content discovery and navigation based on reason for recommendationView PDF
US 10572393 B22/25/2020Object memory management unitView PDF
US 10567830 B22/18/2020Method and system for managing insertion of advertisementsView PDF
US 10563827 B22/18/2020Solar powered illumination systemView PDF
US 10560207 B22/11/2020System and method for providing targeted secondary content deliveryView PDF
US 10552302 B22/4/2020System and method for analyzing risks present in a software program codeView PDF
US 10554633 B22/4/2020Enhanced packet formating for security inter-computing system communicationView PDF
US 10540326 B21/21/2020Dynamic caching systemView PDF
US 10521455 B212/31/2019System and method for a neural metadata frameworkView PDF
US 10507892 B212/17/2019Boat safety mechanism for boarding boats in dockyardView PDF
US 10506894 B212/17/2019Post mounted grill assemblyView PDF
US 10504569 B212/10/2019System and method for controlling phase alignment of clock signalsView PDF
US 10505813 B212/10/2019System and method for an improved placement of storage nodes in networkView PDF
US 10496058 B212/3/2019Energy management system and method in buildingsView PDF
US 10498537 B212/3/2019System and method for providing secure collaborative software as a service (SaaS) attestation service for authentication in cloud computingView PDF
US 10469287 B211/5/2019Port translation for network segmentationView PDF
US 10460019 B210/29/2019Computer implemented system and method for transforming web content for display on multiple form factorsView PDF
US 10451727 B210/22/2019Method and system for detecting moving vehicle speed through athird generation photo radarView PDF
US 10454845 B210/22/2019Object memory management unitView PDF
US 10445828 B210/15/2019Method and system for generating stock price alerts based on real-time market dataView PDF
US 10409971 B29/10/2019System and method for secretive storage of applications in portable computing deviceView PDF
US 10402399 B29/3/2019Computer implemented system and method for dynamically optimizing business processesView PDF
US 10398182 B19/3/2019Garment lighting systemView PDF
US 10394964 B28/27/2019Gesture based system for translation and transliteration of input text and a method thereofView PDF
US 10387253 B28/20/2019System and method to utilize larger block sizes for logical disk and further decompose into smaller physical block sizes for redundant encoding by utilizing erasure codingView PDF
US 10381831 B28/13/2019System and method for digital energy metering and controlling appliancesView PDF
US 10376355 B28/13/2019Artificial diaphragm having intelligent nanomagnetic particles for treatment of diaphragmatic paralysisView PDF
US 10378788 B18/13/2019Wind scavengerView PDF
US 10372859 B28/6/2019System and method for designing system on chip (SoC) circuits using single instruction multiple agent (SIMA) instructionsView PDF
US 10360523 B27/23/2019System and method for executing business services and enhancing business performance through a business process modeling notationView PDF
US 10346186 B27/9/2019System and method for simulating internet browsing system for user without graphical user interfaceView PDF
US 10346981 B27/9/2019System and method for non-invasive tissue characterization and classificationView PDF
US 10331224 B26/25/2019Indian language keypadView PDF
US 10311251 B26/4/2019System and method for masking and communicating modified multimedia contentView PDF
US 10312886 B26/4/2019Asynchronous clock gating circuitView PDF
US 10297310 B25/21/2019System and method for multi-cycle write levelingView PDF
US 10290028 B25/14/2019Computer implemented system for managing advertisements and a method thereofView PDF
US 10289532 B25/14/2019Method and system for providing delta code coverage informationView PDF
US 10287132 B25/14/2019Automatic non-conveyor stairway systemView PDF
US 10279665 B25/7/2019Locking seal deviceView PDF
US 10271824 B24/30/2019Rectum gas passage analyzerView PDF
US 10277472 B24/30/2019System and method for improved advertisement of dynamic storage endpoints and storage control endpointsView PDF
US 10272840 B24/30/2019Communication device for a vehicleView PDF
US 10261921 B24/16/2019Universal secure platform virtualization system and method thereofView PDF
US 10262139 B24/16/2019System and method for detection and prevention of data breach and ransomware attacksView PDF
US 10231914 B23/19/2019Effervescent tablet for elimination of red wine discoloration, offensive odour of mouth and cleaning the palateView PDF
US 10219495 B23/5/2019System and method for attracting fish using sensory characteristicsView PDF
US 10147951 B212/4/2018Macrocyclic batteryView PDF
US 10124863 B211/13/2018Collapsible chair with two legsView PDF
US 10117967 B211/6/2018Scaffold for skin tissue engineering and a method of synthesizing thereofView PDF
US 10118549 B211/6/2018Vehicle reverse gear smart-alert deviceView PDF
US 10111505 B210/30/2018Aerosol composition for the prevention of symptoms of metal induced allergy and a method of synthesizing the sameView PDF
US 10098432 B210/16/2018System and method for tracking baggageView PDF
US 10086725 B210/2/2018Accessory device for chairs and seats for supporting footView PDF
US 10081925 B29/25/2018Method for constructing building through gravity and weight of the building structureView PDF
US 10079687 B29/18/2018System and method for password recovery using fuzzy logicView PDF
US 10079821 B29/18/2018System and method for web single sign-on through a browser extensionView PDF
US 10044614 B28/7/2018System and method for dynamic and configurable L2/L3 data—plane in FPGAView PDF
US 10037550 B27/31/2018System and method for identifying offline consumer interests for online personalization by leveraging multimedia inputsView PDF
US 10034161 B27/24/2018System and method for providing internet connectivity to radio frequency devices without internet facility through smart devicesView PDF
US 10029504 B27/24/2018System and method of electronically presenting data items on a cardView PDF
US 10025659 B27/17/2018System and method for batch monitoring of performance dataView PDF
US 10009724 B26/26/2018Intelligent personal safety deviceView PDF
US 10003857 B26/19/2018Method and system for inserting a local television content and a regional advertisement under centralized controlView PDF
US 9985955 B25/29/2018System and method for single sign-on for thick-client applicationsView PDF
US 9976711 B25/22/2018Speed tape assembly for LED strip tapes in light boxView PDF
US 9959406 B25/1/2018System and method for zero-day privilege escalation malware detectionView PDF
US 9946098 B24/17/2018Eyewear with a cellular GPS moduleView PDF
US 9930389 B23/27/2018System and method for displaying advertisementsView PDF
US 9922028 B23/20/2018System and method for translation and localization of content in digital applicationsView PDF
US 9918141 B23/13/2018System and method for monitoring and detecting television ads in real-time using content databases (ADEX reporter)View PDF
US 9894557 B22/13/2018System and method for preventing retransmission of dropped data packets from a mobile stationView PDF
US 9883241 B21/30/2018System and method for automatic content recognition and audience measurement for television channels and advertisementsView PDF
US 9856078 B21/2/2018Smart garbage container with animal deterrence enhancementView PDF
US 9849585 B212/26/2017Robotic arm device with three dimentional movementView PDF
US 9848630 B212/26/2017Puffed and expanded starch material and a method of synthesizing the sameView PDF
US 9847080 B212/19/2017System and method for switching sound pickups in an electric guitar using a spin wheel arrangementView PDF
US 9826713 B211/28/2017Animal muzzle pattern scanning deviceView PDF
US 9816227 B211/14/2017Textile products with herbal composition to render the fabrics insects repellentView PDF
US 9819219 B211/14/2017Intelligent and efficient off-grid solar home energy system and method thereofView PDF
US 9815548 B211/14/2017Coaxial dual redundant hydraulic actuator systemView PDF
US 9816976 B211/14/2017System and method of detecting atmostpheric trace gas concentrations in a cellView PDF
US 9808127 B211/7/2017Modular bathroom structureView PDF
US 9794599 B210/17/2017Method and system for auditing multimedia contentView PDF
US 9792397 B110/17/2017System and method for designing system on chip (SoC) circuits through artificial intelligence and reinforcement learningView PDF
US 9782343 B210/10/2017Method and system for synthesizing nanocarrier based long acting drug delivery system for morphineView PDF
US 9781912 B210/10/2017Beamer board culling systemView PDF
US 9785154 B210/10/2017Reconfigurable modular fluid flow control system for liquids or gasesView PDF
US 9775372 B210/3/2017Real fruit drink concentrate and process of preparing the sameView PDF
US 9776035 B210/3/2017Portable hamstring stretcher/exerciser deviceView PDF
US 9777212 B210/3/2017Light emitting concrete composition and method of synthesizing light emitting concrete structureView PDF
US 9773003 B29/26/2017Computer implemented system and method for investigative data analyticsView PDF
US 9753817 B29/5/2017System and method for synchronizing links and attachments between two computing devicesView PDF
US 9754221 B19/5/2017Processor for implementing reinforcement learning operationsView PDF
US 9733032 B28/15/2017Fire restraining device for selective intelligent firingView PDF
US 9724156 B28/8/2017System for detecting, actively targeting and selectively treating malignant cells in human body by non-invasive procedureView PDF
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US 6167144 A12/26/2000Image processing apparatus and image processing method for identifying a landing location on the moon or planetsView PDF
US 6125203 A9/26/2000Method for automatically determining stratification beds in a siteView PDF
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