Drafting And Filing

Specification Drafting and Filing

Our patent attorneys/Agents have experience of drafting strong and world class patent applications with a quick turn around time. Our team’s expertise includes drafting patent application for filing at USPTO, Japanese patent Office, Australian Patent Office, Canadian Patent Office, Indian Patent Office, UAE and European Patent Office . We also assist our clients by filing PCT applications. On identifying the target convention countries, our team co-ordinates with our associate offices in these countries for filing the patent applications and obtaining the grant of patent. Our team works in close coordination with inventors from a secure, controlled and state-of-the-art environment to ensure absolute confidentiality of client’s disclosure.

Drafting-Filing (2)

Office Action Response

Our patent attorneys are experts in responding to various objections raised by patent office, with a special focus on enablement, novelty, and obviousness related rejections. Our team helps R&D firms and law firms in drafting office action responses for its patent applications across various national offices including US, EP, UK, China and UAE. The office actions may comprise a response to rejection of the claims and follow up with an interview of the patent examiners to advance the prosecution of the application. Drafting of the response includes understanding the invention, arguments of the examiners and the references cited by the examiner. The service includes review of the patent application, modification of the claims, description etc as the case may be and filing of the response with respective patent office.
Apart from responding to office actions for patent applications filed for our clients, We are also regularly approached by several new clients solely for patent prosecution services.

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