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Prior Art Searches

At Patent 360 LLC., we perform prior art search for various requirements. Our technical team is well equipped with various search tools and performs various searches starting from a basic prior art search to litigation and conflict searches. Our team appreciates the importance and significance of various sources of prior art, which includes patent databases, periodicals, books, and other literature. Our extensive collection of research resources combined with a large device/product inventory helps our clients increase their chance of finding prior use and prior art.

Whether you have a highly technical and complex matter that you need a right-to-use search done on, or a “routine” novelty search – based on the requirement, our team is capable of producing an intense patent prior art search report and non-patent prior art search report. Our prior art searchers are knowledgeable in their respective technical domain and are highly skilled to conduct and prepare an effective prior art search report.

Patentability Analysis

The best practice is to first conduct a patentability search and obtain a patentability report relating to technology specific before a patent application is filed. For drafting and preparing novel and valid claims an applicant must know the existing prior art and claims. By providing the details and explaining the relevant prior art at the time of filing the patent application, an applicant may stand a fair chance to get through the examination process. This can save valuable time and unnecessary expenses incurred to file a reply to the office action raised by the Patent Office.
Our patentability analysis report is accompanied by several suggestions on the strategies for protecting the invention, taking into account the invention’s commercial prospects as the discovered in the prior art. Our patentability report helps companies to decide on the strategy of product development in the market. The patentability analysis report provides a definite conclusion, which helps the company to make decisions on further strategic moves relating to the product or service.

FTO Searches

Freedom to Operate (FTO) is usually used to determine whether a particular action, such as testing or commercializing a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others.
The search team at Patent 360 LLC. conducts a comprehensive FTO search of the patent literature in the country in which the organization is interested in conducting its operations/business. As part of the search, we conduct a preliminary review of the claims of the patents identified during the search to determine which of these might present a problem. We prepare a FTO search report and detail some of the key aspects of the relevant patents and further provide FTO opinion.
The analysis identifies the intellectual property risks and potential costs of a project and helps determine whether to continue with the project, whether any changes should be made, and whether a license should be requested for pertinent patents.

Validity Search

Validity research is primarily used to determine the strength of a patent with regards to litigation or re-examination. Validity research is used to establish the enforceability of an issued patent in court or before the patent office. A validity search also proves useful during licensing discussions as it is important to assess the value and strength of a patent before buying a license for its use.
Our search team conducts a patent and non-patent literature search to identify prior art literature that might affect the validity of a granted patent. The validity search report includes detailed search results, legal status information for each of the cited references and our opinion upon the relevance of each prior art.

Patent Mapping

We at Patent 360 LLC. have dedicated specialists to advice and assist the corporate and inventors’ community with a strong and deep researched Patent Landscape Mapping (PLM). We believe that the current technological development requires collection of comprehensive and accurate patent information and needs to be presented in a sophisticated and simple visual representation. We believe that a corporate entity should plan its move with a good and complete vision of the market and its competitors. Our PLM is devised in such a manner that our client can use it as a tool to assess and manage the risks and opportunities and analyze the existing IP and opportunities involved in a particular Industry, technology, company or product space.
Our well researched PLM provides our client an edge in the market. We equip our client with comprehensive information relating to strengths, weakness and strategies adopted by its competitors in the market. During this process, we not only try and solve the concerns of our client, but also provide a sound advice on the available alternative solutions. On identifying the requirement of our client, we undertake to prepare PLM report, targeting a particular market or country, a particular company, a specific field of technology or a product.

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