Types Of Inventions To Protect With A Patent Lawyer In San Francisco


There’s a wide range of inventions that can be protected with a patent lawyer in San Francisco California. In fact, nearly anything that is new, novel, and non-obvious can be protected with intellectual property (IP). This means inventions should have a purposeful utility, novel subject matter, and non-obvious composition. After all, you can’t protect something that just anybody could invent. As a novel inventor yourself, you should know if your creative idea qualifies for IP defense. Plus, it helps to know more about the California patent prosecution process. To get started now, read on to learn the different types of inventions to protect with a patent lawyer in San Francisco CA.

Novel Inventions Or Machines

Prominently, inventors seek protection from San Francisco patent attorneys to defend their novel, innovative, and original machines. As discussed previously, inventions must be considered new, novel, and non-obvious to qualify for patent protection. If they meet these prerequisites, nearly any invention can be defended with patent protection. This includes original machines, makeup products, instruments, sporting goods, or other consumer essential. Design patent protection can protect the visual characteristics and composition of different inventions too. This is especially helpful for jewelry and container inventions. Absolutely, a patent lawyer in San Francisco help you secure protection for your novel inventions or machines.

Original Ideas

In addition, your patent lawyer San Francisco can help you defend your original ideas. In many cases, an idea by itself can not be protected with intellectual property. Instead, your idea should produce tangible results, serve a purposeful utility, or be executed by a machine. With the help of a USPTO registered patent agent California, you can likely turn your innovative idea into a useful, patentable invention. They’ll help you prepare drawings, conceptualize prototypes, and develop invention commercialization plans. Certainly, work with a patent lawyer San Francisco CA to defend your original ideas.

Software Applications And Computer Programs

In fact, you can even obtain patent protection San Francisco CA on your novel software applications or computer programs. Notably, software can be defended with both copyright and patent protection. You can patent a wide range of different enterprise business programs, video games, computer hardware, time tracking portals, email communication systems, or subscription applications with intellectual property. If you are just looking to protect written code, copyright protection may suffice. Patents, on the other hand, will extend to the full operation and functionality of the software program. Indeed, hire a software patent lawyer San Francisco to defend your business computer applications. 

Production Processes And Business Methods

Different production processes and business methods can also be protected by a patent attorney San Francisco CA. Process can be protected with a full, non-provisional utility patent. These forms of IP cover the procedure of changing functionality or converting raw materials. Ultimately, a patentable process should change the characteristics, composition, or configuration of the original physical materials in some way. Process patents are fairly common amongst industrial firms and leaders in the manufacturing sector. Surely, hire a patent agent San Francisco California to protect your novel production processes.

Medicines And Medical Devices

More, patent protection San Francisco can extend to new medicines, chemicals, or medical devices. Inventing medical devices requires a tremendous amount of research and development (R&D) – making patent protection especially essential. Medical device patents help protect small inventors and manufacturers from major distributors or vendors. With these IP assets, they can prohibit others from making, using, importing, or profiting from their invention in any way. Definitely, your patent lawyer San Francisco can help you acquire protection on medicines and medical devices.

There’s a wide variety of different inventions to protect with a San Francisco patent lawyer. Most commonly, inventors apply for a patent in California to protect novel machines with a purposeful utility. In addition, use patent protection to defend original ideas. Your IP assets can also extend to original production processes. Or, obtain a patent to deter competitors from your computer programs or software applications. In fact, these valuable forms of property can even safeguard your medical devices or medicine ideas. Follow the points highlighted above to learn the different types of inventions to protect with a patent lawyer in San Francisco CA.

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