What Does A USPTO Patent Search Advanced Include?


An advanced USPTO patent search includes several specific, highly valuable items. A patent search report closely investigates pending, issued, and published intellectual property (IP) assets. The goal is to find anything that could be considered similar to your novel invention or idea. As an inventor yourself, this can save you a great deal of time, money, and resources throughout the patent prosecution process. Plus, it can help you accelerate the time to commercialization, reduce redundant research, and lower your chance of infringement. To get started now, read on to learn what a USPTO patent search advanced includes.

Similar Prior Art References Comparison

First and foremost, a thorough patent search advanced will reveal any similar prior art references. Prior art references can be described as anything that is similar to your original invention. These comparable documents are used to determine how novel, unique, and non-obvious your invention truly is. Most commonly, patent art will be printed domestic and foreign patent applications. It can also be different forms of non-patent literature — including website blog posts, online databases, digital publications, or newspaper and magazine articles. Certainly, a USPTO patent search advanced includes a clear breakdown of any similar prior art references.

Legal Professional Expertise

Your intellectual property (IP) services additionally include the legal process knowledge, expertise, and experience of a patent search attorney. Throughout the search process, a patent lawyer will provide you with broad guidance, actionable recommendations, and highly advisable assistance. They’ll use their industry expertise, legal background, and research methods to get you all the information you need. Additionally, they’ll look for answers on numerous search resources and IP databases. Without their help, patent searching will be much more complicated. Surely, your USPTO patent search advanced will include professional, expert legal services.

Market Research Data

Additionally, you can expect your USPTO patent search advanced to contain lots of actionable market research data. Search reports give you detailed data regarding the intellectual property assets of your competitors. This way, you can see what other companies have in their IP portfolios. With these insights, you’ll be able to identify profitable licensing opportunities and track the leading innovators in your industry. Indeed, the best advanced patent searches contain detailed, thorough market research data.

Patentability Score

Using all of these insights, your advanced search report lawyer can also forecast a patentability score. This can be thought of as the probability of your patent getting approved. Ultimately, this will vary based on the similar prior art references, invention complexity, and your invention protection goals. Your lawyer can also compile a detailed patentability assessment. This will include a detailed analysis of uncovered records, as well as a written patentability report. Absolutely, a patentability score is a central component of your IP advanced search report.

Modification Recommendations

Depending on the similar prior art references discovered, your USPTO patent search advanced will also include modification recommendations. Following a patent search, inventors may be encouraged to modify, update, or upgrade their invention. In some cases, they may instead choose to pursue a new idea altogether. This saves you time and resources on building, developing, commercializing, and marketing the invention. Definitely, your advanced USPTO patent search will include recommendations to upgrade or modify your invention.

There are several valuable items to look for on a USPTO advanced patent search. First and foremost, your search report will clearly outline any similar prior art references. In addition, these services include the legal process knowledge and expertise of a USPTO patent lawyer New York. Most patent search reports also highlight important, analytics-driven market research data. Plus, they utilize all this information to generate a clear, accurate patentability score. If the search reveals any similar works, some additional modification requirements may be attached. Follow the points highlighted above to learn what a USPTO patent search advanced includes.

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