How Much Does Patenting Cost From Start To Finish


There are several key steps to determine how much patenting costs from start to finish. Every day, inventors submit USPTO patent applications to protect their novel creations, ideas, and innovations. These intellectual property (IP) documents prohibit other parties from utilizing, manufacturing, importing, selling, or profiting from your invention without explicit permission. Prior to acquiring an application, many inventors get overwhelmed by drafting, filing, and prosecution costs. Fortunately, receiving a provisional, design, or utility can be done more affordably than you think. Let this post serve as your USPTO patent cost calculator. Read on to learn how much does patenting cost from start to finish.

Determine Your IP Defense Needs

To accurately determine how much patenting costs, you need to determine your intellectual property protection needs. Understanding your IP defense requirements gives you insights into the necessary scope of legal protection. It will also reveal if a patent application is the right choice for your original idea. In other cases, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets may suffice. This will help you determine what kind of patent you need, as well as how much you should expect to pay. Plus, it will make you better prepared once you meet with an IP lawyer in Texas. Certainly, determine your IP defense needs to calculate how much patenting costs in the US.

Hire A Patenting Lawyer

Next, determine the costs associated with hiring a patenting lawyer. Lawyers charge specific fees for their services. These costs often vary based on your intellectual property goals, organization entity size, and invention complexity. For companies patenting advanced software or complex technologies, IP defense can cost over $10,000. On average, patent attorneys charge about $375 an hour for their services. This can additionally depend by the law firm’s location, as well as the lawyer’s professional expertise. Surely, calculate lawyer costs to understand how much patenting costs from start to finish.

Choose Application Type

You also need to think about application type when calculating patenting costs. Different patent applications have unique price structures. Provisional patents applications (PPAs), for example, are by far the most affordable. You can typically acquire a PPA for less than $300. A non-provisional, utility patent, on the other hand, will cost upwards of $3,000. In exchange, you’ll receive full intellectual property rights for up to twenty years on your novel idea. Indeed, you need to determine the appropriate application type to calculate patenting costs from end-to-end.

Consider Design Protection

If your invention can be identified by unique visual characteristics, you should consider the costs of design patenting as well. Design patents protect the non-functional, ornamental qualities of your invention. For professional filing, these applications cost approximately $850. In addition, you may be obliged to pay an extra $250 government filing fee – which is paid to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Absolutely, consider the costs of design patenting to adequately prepare your financial budget.

Add On Patent Searching Expenses

Since it is highly recommended, you should factor in patenting search costs as well. This process is typically performed before your application is submitted to the USPTO. Basically, a patent novelty search will identify any similar prior art references, which may be comparable to your invention. These services eliminate your changes of legal infringement and give you deeper insights into commercial viability. Plus, they help you save essential tie and reduce redundant IP research. If you are interested in these services, you should expect to spend an additional $300 throughout the novel invention patenting process.

There are several key steps to determine how much patenting costs from start to finish in the US. For a start, carefully analyze and evaluate your intellectual property needs. Next, think about the costs associated with hiring a patent attorney in Miami. You should also take time to think about your needed type of patent application. Then, think about the added potential benefits of design protection. You should also gain a stronger understanding of costs associated with the cost of prior art reference patent searches. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how much does patenting cost from start to finish.

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