USPTO Provisional Patent Fees: Everything You Need For IP Acquisition


Before filing for intellectual property with the USPTO, inventors are always carefully reviewing current provisional patent fees. After all, obtaining a provisional patent application, or PPA, is typically one of the first steps in the intellectual property (IP) acquisition process. Generally speaking, it comes right after obtaining a formal patent search report. Whether you are an inventor seeking protection on a budget, or are simply looking to forecast costs, it is important to know everything about PPA fees early on. This way, you can obtain legally-binding patent protection that aligns with your budget, financial goals, as well as your ability to pay. To help you get started, read on to learn everything you need to know about USPTO provisional patent fees for IP acquisitions.

PPA Drafting & Filing Fees

First and foremost, you’ll want to learn more about provisional patent drafting, filing, and prosecution fees. Ultimately, the actual cost of PPAs will vary based on your invention’s complexity, as well as the patent attorney you hire. Generally speaking, a dependable patent agent will charge about $180 for their services. This includes fast, reliable, and professional filing of your application. Plus, you will be charged an additional $75 in a USPTO government filing fee. Certainly, you should understand the actual costs of USPTO provisional patent fees in IP acquisition.

Additional Services Requiring Fees

Even if you are ready to pay for all the provisional patent fees, there are several other add-on services you may want to familiarize yourself with. Before filing a PPA, many inventors sign of for a few patent consulting sessions. This will help you get some professional portfolio management and IP due diligence solutions. Your Las Vegas Nevada patent agent may also offer intellectual property valuation services. Of course, these will help you better understand market approaches, strategic approaches, and suitable cost methodologies. Indeed, its important to learn about the cost of extra services, in additional to provisional patent fees.

Cost Benefits Of Provisional Patents

Even though you’ll have to pay provisional patent fees, there are several cost benefits associated with your IP acquisition. In the long run, its likely that these various changes will actually help you save money with a provisional patent application. For a start, PPAs allow you to preserve a priority filing date and secure a much-needed one year delay. Of course, many inventors will tell you this is an incredibly valuable advantage all by itself. Most importantly however, these provide you with much-needed leverage against dangerous competitors. Once your patent is secured, you can legally restrict others from manufacturing, importing, selling, or profiting from your invention in any way. Absolutely, you’ll receive several cost benefits after you pay all the required provisional patent fees.

Paying For Your Patent

Once you are ready to pay the required provisional patent fees and acquire protection, you’ll want to know how to pay for your PPA. Nowadays, it is easy to quickly, professionally, and securely pay for your patent application. Most IP law firms have sophisticated online gateways that allow you to request services, learn more about patent filing, and pay for your application directly online. This way, you can secure a provisional patent online without ever leaving your home. Definitely, learning how to pay for your application is critical when learning about the various provisional patent fees.

What Comes Next

Now that you have paid all the required USPTO provisional patent fees, you’ll want to know what comes next. Remember, your ‘Patent Pending’ pendency only lasts for twelve months. That means you will need to obtain additional IP protection within one calendar year. Typically, inventors try to file a non provisional patent California. This provides you up to twenty years of secure intellectual property rights. Since it provides you two decades of patent protection, this will be more expensive than your PPA. In most cases, you can expect to pay about $2,800, plus a $455 USPTO filing fee. Surely, you’ll want to know what comes next after paying all the required provisional patent fees.

There are several things to know about USPTO patent filing fees in USPTO acquisition. First off, learn about the actual cost of PPA drafting, filing, and prosecution. You’ll also want to learn about cost of add-on services, which are usually separate from provisional patent costs. Then, speak with your IP agent about how to pay for your application. It is additionally important to familiarize yourself with the various cost benefits of provisional patent protection. Before you file, you should also get a better understanding of what will come next. Follow the points highlighted above to learn everything you need to know about USPTO provisional patent fees for IP acquisitions.

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