What Is The Process To File A Provisional Patent New Jersey Online?


There are several important steps to file a New Jersey provisional patent online. Provisional applications are designed to be significantly less expensive, time consuming, and complex than full non provisional patents. Indeed, preparing this type of intellectual property (IP) provides you a year to assess the commercial viability of your invention, and helps you establish an official filing date with the USPTO. Of course, with a faster preliminary process and immediate acceptance, a provisional patent application (PPA) is an excellent resource to extent your IP protection term. If you are a novel inventor looking to secure your valuable idea, there has never been a better time to file a PPA in NJ. To help you safeguard your valuable intellectual property, read on to learn about the process to file a provisional patent New Jersey online.

Invention Description

Firstly, the NJ online provisional patent filing process will begin with invention description. Start off by specifying the name of your novel idea, outlining all the inventors, and defining it’s utility, or purpose. Then, you should describe the ways to manufacture your invention, identify its working parts, and designate how the various components connect. At the same time, you should list any other ways to use your invention, and clearly state if it was created under a government contract. Of course, your answer to all of these questions is extremely important. Afterall, these factors will clearly stipulate the appearance of your invention, how it works, as well as any potential alternative embodiments. Certainly, the first step to file an online provisional patent in New Jersey is invention description.


Once you have clearly described your invention with words, it is time to create a detailed drawing. If you are seeking intellectual property protection on a budget, one of the easiest ways to produce your drawings is with a basic pencil sketch. At the same time, you can always render a digital blueprint of your invention using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Simultaneously, you can create a functional prototype for your invention, then simply photograph that. Other popular strategies for invention drawing include hiring a professional draftsperson. This way, you can get high-quality color, black-and-white, and digitally-generated drawings quickly. Surely, realistically drawing your creation is a key step to file a provisional patent online in NJ.

Agent Hiring

After your drawings have been prepared, you are ready to hire a USPTO patent drafting agent. When hiring a patent agent, it is important to pay close attention to their industry experience, technical background, and strategic guidance provided. In addition, you may want to examine if they have any prior experience in complex IP industries like information processing, medical device electronics, and imaging. At the same time, examine their current success rate and average speed of patent prosecution. To further vet your prospective PPA agent, strategically calculate their value provided in overall costs. Indeed, agent hiring is an important step of the New Jersey provisional patent drafting and filing process.


At this point, you are ready to begin searching for patents, trademarks, and other prior arts that may be similar to yours. Once of the easiest ways to do this is through an expert patent search report, which can be provided directly through your agent. A formal search report helps you to save time and reduce redundant research on inventions that may already be patented. This way, you can minimize your risk of infringement and gain deeper insights into competitor activity. Of course, obtaining this report ultimately helps to speed up the commercialization process for your novel creation. Thus, you can increase your opportunities for IP licensing and patent monetization. Absolutely, searching is an important step for professional provisional patent filing NJ.

Application Filing

Now, you are finally ready to file your provisional patent application online in NJ. To keep the process straightforward and simple for busy inventors like yourself, it is incredibly easy to submit your PPA online. In order to do so, simply visit your patent agent’s website, download a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and complete an invention disclosure form (IDF). Then, you will be directed to make your payment, which will be approximately $225. Once you have reached this point, you are ready to await notification from your agent, and get ready to enjoy your ‘Patent Pending’ status. Indubitably, filing your provisional patent application is one of the last steps of the online prosecution process.

There are several important steps in the New Jersey provisional patent online filing process. First and foremost, you will need to clearly describe your invention. Once you have your invention clearly described, you can prepare your basic drawings. Next, you can hire a licensed patent agent to file your PPA. Now, you can begin searching for patents similar to yours. At this point, you are ready to finally file your provisional application. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about the process to file a provisional patent New Jersey online.

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