What Kinds Of Inventions Need USPTO Design Patent Services?


There’s several different kinds of inventions that require USPTO design patent services. Design patents are traditionally issued to protect a product’s visual characteristics, ornamental decorations, or surface configuration. Some of the most famous examples include the notorious, curve Coca-Cola Bottle, and even the Statue of Liberty. They’re useful intellectual property (IP) resources to prevent knockoffs, save inventors money, and protect the structural aspects of novel creations. As a novel inventor yourself, you’ll want to understand if your unique idea is an eligible candidate for online design patent protection. This way, you can keep competitors at bay and maximize profits on your creative designs. To protect your novel idea now, read on to learn what kinds of inventions need USPTO design patent services.

Product Packaging

Many inventors use design patent services to protect their unique, creative product packaging ideas. Today’s businesses are starting to understand how effective memorable, well-designed packaging can be. Patent protection can be applied to any product packaging design that has never been used before. After the design has been released to the public, inventors have only twelve months to draft, file, and submit a patent application. If this deadline is not met, you’ll be able to claim intellectual property rights on your design. Certainly, look for design patent services to protect the unique look and feel of your product packaging.

Jewelry Designs

Plus, many jewelers regularly apply for design patent services as well. These patents are regularly used on watches, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and broches. They may be applied to an entire design, or just a single portion. Once obtained, these IP rights will last as long as fifteen years. The process to obtain the application itself, however, can take upwards of twenty-four months. While this timeframe cannot be extended, there are no required maintenance fees throughout the entire duration. Indeed, jewelry inventions regularly often need USPTO design patent services to enable the necessary protection.  

Cars & Automobiles

Even major auto manufacturers apply for USPTO design patent services. These patent applications protect the aesthetic appearance, shape, or other ornamental characteristics for vehicle bodies or other manufactured components. Notable car companies regularly use these applications to claim legal rights over forward-looking design features and technologies. Recently, there was over 20,000 reported vehicle design patents existed throughout the United States. Of course, this number is expected to go up drastically in upcoming years. This is especially true with the emergence of electric power vehicles that require distinctive features and styling requirements. If you are interested in these services, it will help to get in touch with your local patent attorney in Houston as soon as possible. Absolutely, cars and automobiles are prime candidates for design patent services from the USPTO.

Clothing & Fashion Products

Moreover, you should seek design patent services if you are involved in the clothing or fashion product industry. It makes sense for fashion companies to seek intellectual property before the launch of custom clothing lines. This is especially true for products with a shorter lifespan. Ultimately, products with a life expectancy of up to seven years is a prime candidate for patent protection. This is because these applications often get granted in around twenty months. Plus, they have a high approval rate, which is often above seventy-five-percent. The length on these applications is also fifteen years. This is far longer then the lifespan on most trendy fashion goods. Definitely, many clothing manufacturers need  effective USPTO design patent services.

Digital Elements

Believe it or not, you can even apply design patent services to your digital elements. This includes everything from custom-designed icons, computer fonts, or even emojis. After all, designing these components takes hard work, time, and effort. This means you’ll certainly want to invest the additional time into filing for USPTO patent protection. In fact, the first design patent ever issued was to cover a creative typeface. This was issued way back in 1842. Nowadays, your patent protection will extend to the underlying look and structural design of your digital elements. This is true as long as the USPTO has deemed it new, novel, and non-obvious. Surely, digital elements regularly require design patent services and protection.

There are so many kinds of inventions that can benefit from USPTO design patent protection. First off, these vital IP resources are regularly used to protect unique, innovative, and creative product packaging. It can also protect digital elements, such as computer icons, fonts, or even emojis. These applications can also product fashion products, as well as automobiles. If you are a jewelry manufacturer, you may also want to get a design patent New Mexico. Follow the points highlighted above to learn what kinds of inventions need USPTO design patent services.

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