Submitting Design Patents For Amazon Sellers

There’s several reasons for Amazon sellers to consider submitting and filing for design patent protection. Design infringement, product counterfeits, and copycats run ramped on Amazon’s eCommerce marketplace. So, the need for properly filed intellectual property (IP) has never been more critical for third-party sellers. If you sell original products on Amazon too, you could probably benefit from some type of patent or trademark protection. This way, you can maximize profits, deter competitors, and market your product’s unique characteristics. Read on to learn about submitting design patents for Amazon sellers.

Preserve Your Reputation

For a start, Amazon design patents can have a huge positive impact on your business reputation. Every Amazon seller knows the importance of having a professional and polished seller’s reputation. You want lots of five-star reviews from reputable customers and verified buyers. Acquiring patent protection highlights that you’re the original owner of your creation. After all, nothing could damage your reputation like getting caught in an IP infringement case. In short, USPTO design patent services help you maintain a clear, professional, and reputable business image.

Optimize Product Launches

Product launches are a big moment for profitable Amazon sellers – especially reputable, established brands. Unfortunately, product launches are also a special day for malicious infringers, who carefully monitor the marketplace for new designs and innovative releases. Before your product hits the market, you’ll want to have a design patent application already filed. This way, you can win the race to the United States Patent Office, long before any possible competitors can. Indeed, file a design patent application to help with Amazon product launches.

Prevent Product Knock-Offs

File a design patent online to prevent possible product knock-offs for your top Amazon sellers. Once obtained, a design patent will defend the novel appearance of your products. This means other third-party sellers can’t sell products with a comparable design on Amazon – or anywhere else in the United States. So, you can take full advantage of your product’s creative design. Include images that showcase this in your product photos and galleries, knowing that other sellers are legally prohibited. Of course, this is a great eCommerce tactic to maximize sales, profits, and overall revenues. Absolutely, file an Amazon design patent to prevent possible product knock-offs.

Increase Product Value

Getting a design patent for Amazon can substantially increase the value of your product too. After all, once your patent is secured – you’re the only one who can sell products with that unique design. So, design IP provides an additional layer of uniqueness, protection, and exclusivity for your novel creation. Of course, this can have a huge impact on shopper acquisitions, total sales, and overall profits. At the same time, it makes your appear more innovative, novel, and unique. Definitely, increase product value with the help of a design patent application for Amazon’s marketplace.

Streamline Litigation And Enforcement

Should you need to defend your Amazon design, expertly-filed patent protection gives you an upper-hand against infringers. Design patent infringements can be handled fairly quickly – especially when compared to utility applications. After all, it’s relatively straightforward to compare patented designs and infringed Amazon products. For third-party sellers, this typically means you’ll pay less to prosecute infringement cases, should you encounter an incident. Naturally, this makes it more practical to deter competitors and prevent unauthorized versions of your creative product design. Surely, streamline litigation on future cases with a USPTO design patent for Amazon sellers.

There’s a number of key reasons to consider filing design patent protection for Amazon sellers. For a start, a design patent New Mexico will help you uphold a professional, clean, and reputable reputation. In addition, a USPTO-approved application can save you time, money, and energy on future infringement cases. With a patent in your portfolio, you can run better, safer, and more effective product launches. Plus, you can effectively prevent product knock-offs from infringing competitors. Together, all of this can substantially kick up product value. Follow the points above to learn about submitting design patent for Amazon sellers.

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