Where To Find A Startup Friendly US Patent Agency For Your IP


There’s so many great places to find a startup-friendly US patent agency for your novel intellectual property (IP). While it used to be difficult to find USPTO registered practitioners, there are lots of places you can locate startup-friendly businesses nowadays. These firms strive to make the entire patent drafting, filing, and prosecution process as simple and straightforward as possible. Basically, they’ll bridge the gap between idea generation and commercial release. But before you can submit your application, you need to know where to find the best IP agencies. This way, you can file a provisional, design, or utility patent application with confidence. To get started now, read on to learn where to find a startup friendly US patent agency for your IP.

Speak With Fellow Startup Owners

You should always speak with other startup owners when searching for a small business friendly patent agency in the US. Since startups are on the forefront of technology innovation, they usually have experience with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Ideally, you should speak with current owners that operate in the same industry as you. After all, they’ll likely have similar experiences working with your level or category of technology. If you don’t know who to speak with, look up some recently issued patents in your area. Then, you can conduct research on the current owner, and find out if they are also a startup business owner.

Talk To Your Employees

Next, reach out to your employees for referrals on a reliable US patent agency. If your startup employs a diverse workforce of experienced, talented, and innovative employees, chances are somebody has worked with a patent lawyer before. Even if they have not, they may know somebody who is. Maybe their friend, former colleague, or family member may even work in these positions. If they know somebody, they will likely provide you with a great referral for IP assistance. Indeed, talk to your startup employees to find the best US patent agency to handle your intellectual property.

Join An Inventors’ Club

If there are any local inventors’ groups or clubs in your area, be sure to join them and ask for recommendations. Members of these committees almost always have experience working with patent attorneys Arizona. Oftentimes, they’ll be able to give you a referral, or at least point you in the right direction. To locate some of these groups, just search online. Plus, you can look up directories with major inventors’ associations. In many cases, these contain active listings for all the prominent groups in your state or city. Certainly, joining an inventors’ club, group, or association is a great way to find a startup friendly US patent agency.

Search On The Internet

For some quick results, you can also look for a US patent agency using the internet. Start off by going to the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s (USPTO) website. Here, you’ll find an active directory of the best patent agents, attorneys, and practitioners operating in every state. You can use this information to research local options, compare IP experts, or vet your attorney. Before reaching out, do an additional search for the firms you are considering. This will give you some time to analyze their online presence and learn more about their experience. Absolutely, the internet is an excellent resource to find the best US patent agency near you.  

Ask Around Your Coworking Space

If your startup operates from a coworking space, office park, or any kind of collaborative environment, you should be able to easily find some trusted US patent agency referrals. These incubator workspaces bring businesses from different sectors, industries, and fields together. Chances are, you are likely sharing your space with somebody that has prior patent agency expertise. You might even be working with an IP practitioner and not even know it. Definitely, ask for some US patent agency referrals around your startup’s coworking space.

There are so many reliable locations to find a startup friendly US patent agency for your unique, novel, and non-obvious IP. First and foremost, try and speak with some fellow startup business owners. Next, reach out to some experienced, forward-looking employees at your company. Additionally, ask around at local inventors’ clubs or groups. Most of the time, members will be able to tell you exactly where to find the best patent lawyer in Philadelphia PA. If this doesn’t work, you can always try searching on the internet instead. Or, ask around for some referrals at your company’s coworking space. Follow the points highlighted above to learn where to find a startup friendly US patent agency for your IP.

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