5 USPTO Patent Fling Services Illinois To Turn Your Ideas Into Products


There are several important USPTO patent filing services Illinois that turn your ideas into products. When it comes to drafting your patent application, you have several different options to consider. Most commonly, the most appropriate services are based on what you are looking to patent, and the type of protection you are seeking. As a novel inventor, this will give you the right to prohibit others from manufacturing, copying, importing, or profiting from your invention.

This way, you can securely use your invention yourself, or choose to license it out for money. To help you get started, read on to learn about the USPTO patent filing services Illinois to turn your ideas into products.

Provisional Patent Application

First off, provisional patent filing Illinois is a primary service to consider. A provisional patent application, or PPA, allows you to establish an early filing date for a full USPTO patent. Once obtained, you will receive a “Patent Pending” title for a one-year pendency. During this period, you can investigate the commercial viability of your invention in order to understand if you will be able to profit from it. Of course, this allows you to take advantage of confidentiality, reduced costs, and a rapid preliminary process.

In fact, you can even strategically leverage these applications to extend your patent term by an additional year. Certainly, PPAs are an incredibly popular USPTO patent prosecution service Illinois to turn your ideas into profitable products.

Design Patent Application

In addition, design patent applications Illinois will help you secure your valuable novel invention. Design patent applications are granted to the ornamental, visual characteristics of a functional invention. Commonly, these forms of IP protection are issued to inventors of furniture, jewelry, or packaging products. Obtaining a design application, you can effectively prevent knockoffs, accelerate patent protection, and potentially save money.

Naturally, this is an incredibly reliable way to protect the functional and structural aspects of your valuable invention. Surely, USPTO design patent filing services IL will help you build a successful brand from your novel invention.

Non-Provisional Application

Next, consider a non-provisional patent application to protect your utility or design invention. A non-provisional application will give you full patent rights on your invention for up to twenty years. During this period of IP protection, you will enjoy tremendous benefits, including enforceable claims. This way, if someone else tries to manufacture, sell, or import an invention similar to yours, they will be infringing on your patent. Filing a non-provisional application, you can take advantage of exclusivity throughout your entire protection period.

Simultaneously, you can even choose to transfer, license, or sell your patent for profit. Indeed, non provisional patent filing will help you secure full IP rights on your valuable invention.

International Patent Filing

If you wish to obtain patent protection in somewhere other than the United States, it is important to consider international patent filing. International applications can be successfully filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which assists applicants, helps patent offices, and facilitates public access. Of course, this international patent system extends to many nations, include China, Australia, Japan, and the European Union (EU).

With this form of an application, you can eventually choose to securely manufacture, export, sell, or distribute your invention overseas. Absolutely, international patent filing is a popular service for inventors all over the globe.

Provisional Patent Conversion

Of course, provisional patent conversion is another important USPTO patent filing services IL. Once you have filed a PPA, you are limited to a twelve-month “Patent Pending” pendency. At the conclusion of this period, you will need to upgrade into a full non-provisional application. Otherwise, your initial application will expire.

Fortunately, the process to transition your PPA into a full application is fairly straightforward, especially with the help of a USPTO registered patent agent. Definitely, application conversion is a primary USPTO Illinois patent filing service to turn your ideas into products.

There are plenty of USPTO patent filing services IL to turn your ideas into successful products. Firstly, a PPA application is a great resource to help you get a “Patent Pending” status. In addition, a design patent is a powerful tool to help you secure you visual, ornamental invention qualities. Next, consider filing a non provisional application to obtain patent rights for up to twenty years. Of course, international patent filing is essential for inventors seeking protection in Europe or other nations abroad.

Moreover, you will need provisional patent conversion services to upgrade into a full non provisional utility application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the USPTO patent filing services Illinois to turn your ideas into products.

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