What’s Included In The Average Cost For Patent Search Reports?


There are several valuable elements and services that are included in the average cost for patent search reports. A professionally drafted patent search report helps lower the risks of infringement, gain detailed insights into competitor activity, and eliminate redundant intellectual property (IP) research. At the same time, these expert services help inventors significantly speed up their time to commercialization and IP protection. As a novel inventor yourself, consider what is included in a USPTO search report to get a head start on your patent protection. To help you get started, read on to learn about what’s included in the average cost for patent search reports.

Prior Art Summary

First and foremost, the average cost for patent search reports will include a detailed prior art summary. These comprehensive summaries highlight any forms of intellectual property that are similar to your relevant. Typically, similar prior arts will be ranked in an order of most to least relevant. Essentially, this is utilized to prove your invention was already publicly known or previously available. Of course, this may significantly impact your patent’s claims of uniqueness and originality. Keep in mind, protected prior art does not need to be tangible or currently commercially available. In fact, many forms of prior arts are simply concepts and ideas. Therefore, a formal patent search report is essential to uncover any related works or documents. Certainly, a thorough prior art summary is often included in the cost for patent search reports.

European Search Reports (ESR)

In addition, your advanced patent search report will contain a clear breakdown of all European prior arts. Typically, this extends to issued and pending patents which have been drafted in Europe. These reports generally mention all similar documents which are available to the European Patent Office (EPO). In addition, they will contain detailed relevant claims in regard to ownership. At the same time, your comprehensive report will determine if cited documents were published before your claimed date. If there is also an oral disclosure related to your prior arts, this will be included as well. You may additionally find classification of subject matter. Surely, ESR details are a critical component of your patent search report costs.

Automated Application Search

Next, the cost of your patent search report will additionally contain automated examination options. Typically, patent search agents utilize automated tools to search all forms of intellectual property issued since 1790. Generally, this involves using Examiner Automated Search Tools (EASTs) and Web-Based Examiner Search Tools (WESTs). At the same time, your IP attorney may additionally rely on the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s website. This way, they can effectively search domestic US, European, and many international patents issued in a timely manner. Indeed, automated application examinations are traditionally included in your cost for patent search reports.

International Search Options

Thanks to modern technology and powerful examination options, you may even get international assessment options as part of your patent search report cost. Experienced patent search lawyers can effectively search most international patents issued within the last month. In many cases, this involves processing searches with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), IP Australia (IPAU), and Israel Patent Office (IPO). Simultaneously, you agent may arrange searches with the Russian Federal Service For Intellectual Property (Rospatent), Japan Patent Office (JPO), and Intellectual Property Office Of Singapore (IPOS). Absolutely, international patent search options may even be included in your report cost.

Ongoing Strategic Guidance

Of course, the cost of your patent search report includes ongoing support and guidance from your knowledgeable attorney. Obtaining a search report is only the first step in protecting your intellectual property. After your report is filed, work alongside your expert patent agent to obtain a provisional application. This enables you to protect your novel idea with a “Patent Pending” status. Afterwards, you may seek professional guidance to protect your invention’s visual appearance with a design patent. To obtain high-level protection for several years, you may additionally want to consider obtaining a non provisional utility patent. While these will cost additional fees, it is largely beneficial to establish a relationship with a skilled patent attorney early-on. Definitely, ongoing strategic guidance, support, and advice is a great component of your patent search report.

There are several valuable services and solutions that are included in the cost of USPTO patent search reports. First off, a prior art summary is an essential element of every comprehensive report. In addition, your search report will contain a clear breakdown of ESRs. Next, your patent search service should also include automated examination options. At the same time, your application may additionally include international search options. Of course, ongoing strategic guidance is a core benefit of the best patent search reports. Follow the steps highlighted above to learn about what’s included in the cost for patent search reports.

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