When Should You Contact A Patent Attorney Columbus Ohio?

There are several signs that it may be time to speak with a patent attorney Columbus Ohio. A patenting professional can offer enormous value throughout the intellectual property (IP) prosecution journey. They’ll be by your side through every step of the process – including time-consuming application writing, compliance-focused USPTO submission, and detail-oriented Office Action Responses. Of course, many inventors are still apprehensive on just when to meet with a registered US Patent attorney Ohio. Read on to learn when you should contact a patent lawyer Columbus OH.

You’re Serious About Invention Protection

Once you decide you’re actually serious about invention protection and IP prosecution, you’re ready to meet with Ohio’s best patent attorney. If you’re genuinely passionate about defending your novel idea, you can spare fifteen to twenty minutes for an initial consultation – often free of charge. This introductory session is a great time to discuss your needs, describe your invention, and determine what you need. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get a feel for your lawyer’s industry experience, process knowledge, and sense of professionalism. Certainly, contact an experienced Columbus OH patent agent once you’re serious, dedicated, and committed to invention protection.

You Have Action-Driven, Clear-Cut IP Goals

Before you file a patent with registered attorneys, take some time to clarify your goals for intellectual property prosecution. Have goals that are more vision-oriented and bigger than simply “getting a patent.” You’re doing yourself a total disservice if this is all you have in mind. Instead, you need to have detailed objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound – refer back to the renowned SMART goal criteria to help. Surely, analyze your IP drafting and filing goals before conferring with a Columbus Ohio patent agent.

You’re Ready To Conduct A Patent Search

Once you’re ready to get a patent search report, it is time to find and hire a USPTO-certified patent attorney outside of Columbus OH. Until you’re ready for prior art reference searching, there’s not a patent attorney can do to help. Aside from some basic guidance, advice, and support – the patent search is the first major step of the IP prosecution process. Receiving this search report helps to lower the risk of infringement, reduce redundant work, and speed up the time to commercialization. Indeed, contact an IP attorney Columbus Ohio once you’re ready to conduct a patent search.

You Need Help Writing A Patent Application

If you need some help writing a provisional, design, or utility application – a Columbus Ohio patenting professional will be of serious help. Without an attorney by your side, writing a patent application alone is incredibly difficult. You’ll need to comply with the USPTO’s rigid requirements and standards. Expert patent attorneys have successfully drafted, written, filed, and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications. So, they know exactly how to highlight the technical utility details, design components, and protection needs of your invention. Definitely, contact a Columbus Ohio attorney if you need some help writing, filing, and submitting your patent application.

The Bottom Line: As Soon As Possible

Ultimately, if you have a new, novel, and non-obvious invention – that you’re serious about protecting – it’s never too early to speak with a patent attorney. There’s always a risk of a competitor thinking of an idea similar to yours, potentially without even knowing it. Act fast, and kickstart the process to securing your intellectual property rights today. Ohio’s best attorneys are always looking to help new clients. After all, they’re passionate about helping novel inventors like yourself get the protection you deserve. Absolutely, contact the best patent practitioner Columbus Ohio to begin the IP prosecution process ASAP.

There are several signs and signals that it may be time to meet with a patent agent serving Boston, Columbus, Jacksonville, and Irvine CA. Schedule an initial consultation as soon as you’re committed to invention protection and intellectual property prosecution. If you have clear, measurable, and specific goals in place too, consider this another clear-cut sign. Inventors meeting with a patent application are also typically ready to conduct a patent search or begin writing their own application. Follow the points above to learn when you should contact a patent attorney near Columbus Ohio.

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