A Five-Step Guide To USPTO Utility Patent Filing Online


There are a few essential steps involved in USPO utility patent filing online. Online drafting and filing is one of the most accessible, convenient ways to register for intellectual property (IP). It’s known to save novel inventors time, money, and frustration throughout the entire IP acquisition process. Plus, it allows you to work with the top patent attorneys in Maryland, California, Florida, or anywhere else in the United States. This way, you can leverage the experience, expertise, and process knowledge of credible professionals throughout the industry. To get started now, read on to learn about a five-step guide to USPTO utility patent filing online.

Know What Can Be Patented

Before you can move any further, you need to know what types of inventions can be patented. Ultimately, this will make the online patent filing process far simpler, faster, and less stressful. For an application to be granted, your invention needs to be classified as new, innovative, and useful. This means it must be the first of its kind, serve a useful function, and show some kind of new improvements or developments. Also, your invention needs to be some type of product, process, composition, or machine. Or, it can be some improvement of any of these. Surely, you need to know what can be protected before starting with USPTO utility patent filing online.

Hire A Patent Attorney

Next, hire a licensed utility patent agent Chicago to help you navigate the online filing process. An experienced attorney can help you save time, streamline prosecution, and avoid costly mistakes. Ultimately, this will seriously increase your patentability, or the likelihood that your application will get granted. When searching for an attorney, you want to verify that they’re a registered eFiler. This means they are able to submit utility patent applications right through the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Certainly, hiring a qualified USPTO patent attorney, agent, or practitioner is one of the most important steps to secure your IP online.

Secure A Provisional Patent Application

Before you can start utility patent filing online, you’ll want to secure a provisional application. PPAs are legally binding documents issued by the USPTO. They help inventors establish an early filing date and protect their novel ideas with a “Patent Pending” status. Of course, this pendency will last for one year. During this time, it is essential that the full utility patent is filed. When properly filed, a PPA allows you to be the first to market and support funding from external investors. Indeed, securing a provisional application is one of the most important steps in online utility patent filing.

Discuss Pricing Options

Now, you are ready to discuss utility patent filing prices and fees with your chosen agent. Ultimately, the cost of a non provisional, or utility patent application can vary widely. In most cases, you’ll end up spending around $3,000, plus an additional $455 in government filing fees. Of course, you should also expect to spend an additional $250 or so on a provisional patent application (PPA) discussed earlier. Some inventors even opt for a professional patent search early-on in the process, which can cost an additional $300. All in all, the total final bill will vary based on your chosen attorney, invention complexity, and overall IP needs. Absolutely, discuss pricing options to get started with USPTO utility patent filing online.

Prosecute Your Application

At this point, it is finally time to prosecute your patent application. To file your application properly, your attorney will ask you for some detailed forms, documents, and information. This includes an invention background, summary, abstract, and description. You’ll also need a sophisticated conclusion, which often includes the scope and ramifications. Once your application is submitted, remember to be patient. After all, the USPTO often takes one to three years on average to process a full utility application. Definitely, prosecuting your application is one of the most important steps for USPTO utility patent filing online.

There are several steps involved in USPTO provisional, design, or utility patent filing online. First off, you need to know exactly what can be patented. Next, hire the best patent agent in Seattle to draft, file, and prosecute your application. Afterwards, you need to secure a provisional patent application (PPA). Now, you are ready to start discussing pricing options. At this point, it is time to start prosecuting your application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about a five-step guide to USPTO utility patent filing online.

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