What To Expect When Calling A USPTO Patent Lawyer New York


There are a few important elements to consider when calling a USPTO licensed and registered patent lawyer New York. Intellectual property (IP) lawyers are vital partners to help you secure and protect your novel invention. These expert professionals offer legal advice, proactive strategies, and defensive techniques for when infringement occurs. If you are a novel inventor looking to secure your idea, your next call must be to a utility patent attorney. To help you get started, read on to learn about what to expect when calling a USPTO patent lawyer New York.

Technical Invention Discussion

First and foremost, you should expect to have a technical discussion with your New York patent lawyer regarding your invention. Of course, nobody understands the design, functionality, and purpose of your novel invention better than you. In order to secure your product with a patent, you must be able to clearly convey important details to your attorney. This way, they can develop a solid technical understanding of how to make, use, and distribute your invention. With this information, they can recommend the most suitable strategies, IP devices, and techniques to protect your ideas from infringement. Of course, this will make working with your USPTO patent attorney much more pleasant, productive, and rewarding.

IP Product Comparison

Next, your patent lawyer New York will help you adequately discuss, compare, and select the most popular intellectual property products. Depending on the purpose, configuration, and functionality of your invention, there are plenty of different protective IP products you can choose from. Provisional patent applications (PPAs), are an excellent choice for inventors just getting started in the filing process. These applications provide you a one-year “Patent Pending” status where you can assess market viability and establish an official filing date. In addition, design patents are a great choice to secure the ornamental visual qualities of your invention. If you want the strongest possible IP protection rights, look into utility patent filing. This gives you the legal right to prohibit others from copying, importing, selling, or manufacturing your invention without your explicit permission.

Confidentiality Agreements Review

In addition, your New York patent lawyer may ask you to complete, review, or sign confidentiality agreements. Before moving forward, many expert patent law firms will provide you with an invention disclosure form (IDF), as well as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These documents are highly-important to define confidential information, enforce consequences, and preserve professional relationships. Before signing these documents, ensure that your chosen attorney has your best interests at heart. Surely, confidentiality agreements review is especially important to expect when calling a USPTO patent lawyer New York.

Costs Preparation

Now, you are ready to discuss drafting and filing service costs with your NY USPTO patent lawyer. The cost of intellectual property services can vary widely based on the applications and expertise you require. For example, basic patent search reports typically cost approximately $199 to $299. Provisional patent applications (PPAs), on the other hand, generally cost $225, after a $75 USPTO government filing fee. Design applications, which are considerably more expensive, often cost about $1,055. Again, this is after inventors incur a $255 USPTO fee. Non provisional utility patents are the most expensive form of intellectual property. To secure this application, you should be prepared to spend approximately $3,000. Indeed, cost preparation should be expected when calling a USPTO patent lawyer NY.

Goals Conferencing

At this point, your USPTO New York patent lawyer will ask you to discuss your goals. Explain your specific goals regarding the drafting, filing, and prosecution process. Include specific figures related to time, costs, and service accuracy. Discuss these with your attorney to ensure that they are easily feasible. This way, you can have a solid understanding your patent probability before starting the process. Naturally, this will help you stay motivated, narrow your focus, and have a clear understanding of what you want. Simultaneously, effective goal setting allows you to develop a realistic timeframe, which is important to monitor and celebrate progress. Definitely, goals conferencing is a highly-important aspect of working with a USPTO patent lawyer in New York.

There are several key qualities to expect when contacting a USPTO patent lawyer in New York. First off, you should expect to engage in a thorough technical discussion regarding the configuration, design, and functionality of your novel invention. Next, they will help you select the most appropriate IP products. For example, they may advise you to file a design patent online in the United States. Now, you are ready to discuss the cost of filing services. At this point, it is time to discuss major goals and objectives with your lawyer. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about what to expect when calling a USPTO patent lawyer New York.

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