Prior Art Searching With The Best Expert Patent Attorney Phoenix AZ

Search for similar, comparable prior art references with the best expert patent attorney Phoenix Arizona. Experienced, USPTO-certified patent lawyers are committed to helping inventors achieve the strongest intellectual property (IP) protection possible. Years of patenting expertise have made them an essential resource for process knowledge, filing support, and innovation counsel. Before your application is submitted, you’ll first need to uncover any protected inventions that are similar to yours. After all, your invention needs to be new, novel, unique, and non-obvious to qualify for a patent. Read on to learn about prior art searching with the best expert patent attorney Phoenix AZ.

Hire A Professional Patent Search Attorney

To start, hire a low-cost patent search attorney to help you navigate prior art searching. It’s always recommended to file a patent search report with the help of an experienced, USPTO registered professional. The searching process tends to be incredibly time-consuming, complicated, and complex – especially on your first time. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you’ll be able to get the most actionable, definitive, and up-to-date results regarding possible infringements. This way, you’ll have all the answers you need before diving head-first into the patent drafting, filing, and prosecution process. Surely, hire a professional patent attorney Phoenix AZ to help you file a standard, advanced, or comprehensive search report.

Clearly Describe Your Invention

Next, clearly describe your invention for a patent attorney Phoenix AZ. Jot down a clear, comprehensive, accurate – yet brief – description of your novel invention. Steer clear of any hard-to-interpret, overly-broad terms like “machine,” “application,” or “process.” Instead, brainstorm specific terms, technical details, and other descriptive terms. Use these to emphasize the product’s purpose, composition, and primary use cases. Work with an industry thesaurus if you need help coming up with additional details. Absolutely, clearly describe and brainstorm terms for your invention before prior art searching with a patent attorney Phoenix AZ.

Define Patent Searching Goals

Now, you are ready to define your goals for a successful patent search Arizona. Since you’ve already hired a certified patent search company, they can help you while setting targeted, driven, and effective goals. For nearly every inventor, the main goal of prior art reference searching is to uncover important details regarding patentability – or the likelihood that your application will get approved. So, you want a patent search report to confirm that your invention is truly new, novel, and non-obvious. Set goals regarding patentable subject matter and international protection potential. Certainly, take time to clearly outline your goals when working with a Phoenix patent attorney on prior art searching.  

Broaden Your Search

At this point, it time to broaden your patent search to include any potentially-missed results. Your Phoenix patent attorney will extend the search to include broader keywords, more inclusive terms, and other comprehensive information. This can uncover still-important details about less-relevant prior art references. From here, they can open-up the patent search to span international borders. This way, you can better understand your worldwide patenting potential in the future. Definitely, broaden your prior art search with help from an expert patent attorney Phoenix AZ.

Translate The Results

After your patent attorney Phoenix AZ completes the search report, take a look at the results. Your attorney will clearly highlight all the documents, comparable inventions, or similar ideas that most resemble your invention. Sometimes, there will be only one-or-two. For other products – especially in highly-competitive industries – there may be more results to consider. Schedule a consultation with your lawyer to review everything that needs your attention. From here, you can make strategic decision for next steps. Definitely, clearly analyze your results after receiving a patent search AZ.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when prior art searching with the best experienced patent attorney Phoenix Arizona. For a start, hire a patent search firm to help you confidently navigate the process. Together, you can outline some of your fundamental goals for patent searching. You should also clearly outline key details regarding the design and functionality of your invention. From here, broaden your search to include as many comparable references as possible. Once completed, you are ready to translate your results. Follow the points above to learn about prior art searching with the best expert patent attorney Phoenix AZ.

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