How To Find The Best Trademark And Patent Lawyer In Philadelphia PA


There are a few key steps to find the best trademark and patent lawyer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The City of Brotherly Love has consistently remained a hub of innovation for decades now. That means there is a constant need for qualified professionals who can properly register trademark, patent, and copyright applications. These accomplished IP firms have years of experience working with the USPTO, federal courts, and novel inventors, just like yourself. Plus, they know exactly how to work with Pennsylvania state courts, as well the other 49 states. This means you can successfully locate a patent attorney in Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, or Reading. To get started now, read on to learn how to find the best trademark and patent lawyer in Philadelphia PA.

Figure Out What You Need

Before you start searching, you need to know exactly what you need from a patent and trademark lawyer in Philadelphia. The first step is deciding what type of application you need. If you are trying to protect a branded word, phrase, or symbol, you’ll likely need to file a trademark. For novel inventions or ideas, on the other hand, a patent will likely be required. When it comes to patents, you also have several options to consider. If you want to protect the utility or functionality of your invention, for example, you’ll need a utility patent application. Also known as a non-provisional patent, this will legally prohibit competitors from importing, manufacturing, or profiting from your invention in anyway. If you are looking to simply protect the ornamental characteristics of the product, consider a design patent. These specialized forms of IP secure the unique visual look and feel of your original idea.

Search Online

Once you have a better understand of what you need, start searching for some trademark and patent lawyers in Philadelphia online. Since you can work with a patent agent virtually, they don’t actually need to be located in Philly. In fact, you can work with a patent attorney in Houston, San Francisco, or Pittsburgh and get the same results. When you search online, look for lawyers that have a professional, well-designed website. After all, this directly speaks to their industry professionalism and brand credibility. If they don’t, you may want to be wary of their process knowledge and industry expertise. Surely, search online to find the best patent attorney in Philadelphia PA.

Ask Friends, Family, And Colleagues

After a brief search online, speak with your friends, family, and professional colleagues. Try to see if anyone you already know has experience with a trademark and patent lawyer in Philadelphia. If they do, see if they are willing to provide you with a referral to someone that they trust. Since you are likely friends with a lot of other inventors, you’ll probably be able to quickly find a trusted reference. If not, you can always reach out to one of the experts you found during your online search. Indeed, ask friends and family to find the best patent lawyer in Philadelphia.

Narrow Down Your List

At this point, you probably have a few possible options for patent lawyers in Philadelphia. You can now take some time to narrow down your list to the most reputable, qualified, and credible professionals. Look for experts who have years of experience drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications. They should also have tremendous experience working with patent and copyright applications as well. Ideally, they’ll have their filed patents database publicly available. Here, you can easily view some of the applications they have recently submitted and secured. Absolutely, narrow down your list with the best patent lawyers in Philadelphia PA.

Schedule A Consultation

If everything checks out, you are ready to schedule a consultation with a certified patent lawyer in Philadelphia. Reach out to your favorite patent attorney from your shortlist, and ask about consultation options. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your needs, as well as your intellectual property goals. It also provides the perfect chance to get a feel for your chosen attorney. Make sure that you feel comfortable working with them in a professional setting. After all, you’ll likely be working closely together throughout the IP acquisition process.

There are a few critical steps to find the best trademark and patent lawyer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Start off by figuring out what you need. This will reveal if you need a basic trademark application, or the assistance of a certified patent search company. Next, take some time to search for qualified professionals online. It may also help to check with your friends and family about their past experiences. Once you’ve done so, start narrowing down your list. After you put a few options together, you can start to schedule a consultation. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to find the best trademark and patent lawyer in Philadelphia PA.

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