5 Necessary Credentials From Your Intellectual Property Firm


There are several necessary credentials to look for in a top-rated intellectual property (IP) firm. Finding a qualified expert to draft, file, register, and prosecute IP is not always easy. Ultimately, you want to find someone that can help you confidently secure a patent, trademark, or copyright application. Plus, you need to find an agency that aligns with your IP goals, prosecution strategy, commercialization objectives, and personal preferences. As a novel inventor yourself, you should know what to look for in an intellectual property acquisition group. After all, there’s a few critical skills that every patent agent Boston must possess. Read on to learn about the necessary credentials from your intellectual property firm.

Vast Patent Database

First and foremost, you only want to hire an intellectual property company with a vast, wide-spanning patent database. Your attorney’s patent database clearly details all the intellectual property assets they’ve recently acquired. Look for companies that have a profile extending across multiple different commercial industries and market. It should also span across several unique invention types and configurations. If your attorney has only worked for one specific sector or category, you may want to be wary. This means they could lack the all-encompassing knowledge needed for the job. Indeed, look for intellectual property firms that have a thorough, vast patent database.  

High Online Ratings

In addition, you should only hire Connecticut patent firms that have high, five-star online ratings. You can easily find previous client reviews on third-party referral platforms, search engines, and other reviews sites. These reviews provide a truthful analysis of your IP filing company – from a client perspective. This gives you more insights to what it will be like working together. You’ll get to know more about the firm’s professionalism, time-to-response, success rate, and average turnaround time. Certainly, prioritize intellectual property firms that have high reviews from current and previous customers.

Affordable Filing Fees

Of course, you need to hire a qualified intellectual property group with affordable, flat-rates. Patent filing is a notoriously expensive process. You want to choose somebody that offers predictable, easy-to-budget expenses. Every service should have a specific, flat-fee attached to it – along with a reasonable government filing fee. When reviewing prices, be sure that the costs include drafting, filing, and office action responses. You may also want to consider packages that include patent searching, provisional applications (PPAs), or invention drawings as well. Definitely, look to hire a skilled patent agent with affordable filing fees.

Trustworthiness And Transparency

Also, qualified intellectual property firms should be honest, direct, trustworthy, and transparent. Avoid IP companies that quickly make broad, wide-encompassing, and sweeping promises. These may sound awesome, but could be totally impractical in reality. Instead, you want to hire a patent company near me that is completely honest, even when the truth isn’t necessarily what you want to hear. This way, you truly know where you stand within the intellectual property prosecution process. Surely, trustworthiness and transparency is a fundamental credential from the top registered IP firm.

Strong Personal Fit

At the end of the day, you don’t want to hire an intellectual property firm unless there is a strong personal fit. You should feel comfortable, happy, and at-ease working with your patent agent or lawyer. They should understand your goals, long-term objectives, and invention prosecution strategy. Ultimately, you want to know that you are in good hands. Choose a patent filing agency that is known to be inventor-friendly. Absolutely, look for intellectual property firms that you closely align with.

There’s a few important credentials to look for in an intellectual property firm. First and foremost, look for a company with a vast, thorough patent database. In addition, this firm should offer high online ratings on multiple sites. They should also offer an affordable drafting and filing fee structure. Plus, the top groups offer affordable prosecution fees as well. Ultimately, you also want to choose a qualified candidate that is trustworthy, honest, direct, and transparent. Even more, there should be a strong personal fit. This way, you always feel comfortable and confident working with the business. Follow the points above to learn about the necessary credentials from your intellectual property firm.

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