Everything You Need To Get Patent On A Product


There are several essential items needed to get patent on a product. Inventors pursue different forms of intellectual property (IP) every day. These IP assets legally prohibit competitors from manufacturing, importing, selling or profiting from protected inventions. Of course, this is crucial for businesses looking to sustain a competitive advantage and control their commercial marketplace. As an inventor yourself, consider a patent application to impose barriers of entry, increase profits, and level out the playing field. Read on to learn everything you need to get patent on a product.

Non-Obvious, Original, And Novel Invention

To get an idea patented in the United States, you first need an original, novel, and non-obvious invention. Inventions qualify for patent eligibility must meet the USPTO’s core definition for being “patentable.” This means it must have a protectable, new, and useful subject matter – which can be applied to products, machines, manufactures, or compositions of matter. It also must possess a distinct utility, which means it will be useful. Even more, the invention must have not been previously disclosed to the public. Certainly, you need a non-obvious, original, and novel invention to get patent on a product.

Invention Drawings & Blueprints

In addition, you’ll need detailed drawings and blueprints to be considered for patent protection. Patent drawings help you clearly explain, outline, and describe your product to the US Patent Office. An organized set of drawings can even broaden the scope of protection. They also serve as hard evidence if a competitor attempts to steal your original idea. Even if patent illustrations are not required, they’ll help you save time, money, and interactions with the USPTO. After all, these visualizations help examiners better understand the novelty, originality, and utility of your product. Surely, get invention drawings and blueprints to get patent on your novel invention.

Knowledgeable Patent Attorney

You should also recruit the process knowledge, professional background, and industry experience of a patent attorney Las Vegas. Your patent lawyer will serve as your expert adviser throughout the intellectual property registration process. They can answer any of your questions, address patentability concerns, and ease USPTO complexities. Patent agents are responsible for writing, organizing, submitting, and filing applications with the United States Intellectual Property Office. They will also play a role in court proceedings – where detailed research and arguments may need to be prepared. Indeed, you need a knowledgeable attorney to get patent on a product.

USPTO Application Fees

Also, inventors need USPTO application fees to get patent in the United States. There are specific costs associated with drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications. For an initial provisional patent application (PPA), you should expect to pay around $200, in addition to a $75 Patent Office filing fee. To protect your product’s unique visual ornamental characteristics with a design patent, the fee will be right around $1,200. This mainly applies to jewelry, beverage containers, packaging, automobiles, and icon inventions. For complete invention protection, you need to apply for a full non-provisional, utility patent application. These cost around $3,500, as well as the $455 filing fee. Absolutely, there are USPTO application fees needed to get patent on a product.

IP Protection Strategy

Plus, you’ll need to have an organized, formal IP protection strategy in place. A protection strategy is the basic steps, processes, and tactics you will follow when securing your invention. It encompasses patentability potential, filing strategies, and risk identification. Before implementing a prosecution strategy, your attorney may recommend conducting a preventive analysis as well. Definitely, you need an IP prosecution strategy to get patent in the United States.

There are several necessary items to get patent on a product. Before even starting the prosecution process, you need an original, novel, and non-obvious idea. In addition, you’ll need detailed invention drawings and blueprints. You should also recruit the skilled assistance and support of an expert patent company near me. Plus, you’ll need adequate funds to pay for USPTO application fees. More, inventors need to have a formal IP protection strategy in place. Follow the points highlighted above to learn everything you need to get patent on a product.

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