What Is A Patent Search Report For Novel Inventors In The United States?


Throughout the intellectual property (IP) drafting, filing, and execution process, novel inventors may wonder “what is a patent search report?” These comprehensive research documents are a central part of the IP acquisition process. Therefore, novel inventors should have a clear understanding of what they are, how they work, and their key benefits. As a novel inventor yourself, you should closely speak with your patent search agent to understand the inner-workings of comprehensive search reports. This way, you can gain actionable insights into competitor activity and significantly reduce your risk of infringement. To help you get started, read on to learn about what a patent search report is for novel inventors in the United States.

What Is A Patent Search?

First off, you should understand exactly what a patent search report is for novel inventors. A patent search report is an essential document if you are interested in obtaining secure patent protection on your invention. Simply, this report provides a comprehensive breakdown of all current, issued, and pending patents that are similar to your idea. Typically, these similarities or identicalities are referred to as prior arts. Of course, prior art references can be anything in the public domain. Understanding these similar elements, you can better understand if your invention is truly new, novel, and non-obvious. Surely, understand what a patent search is to begin the intellectual property protection process.

Who Can Prepare Patent Search Reports?

In addition, you should understand exactly who can prepare your United States patent search report. Preparing a comprehensive search report involves searching all-forms of intellectual property issued since 1790. Therefore, you should likely work with an experienced patent agent to help you streamline efficiency, professionalism, and credibility throughout the process. Knowledgeable IP agents have years of experience researching, analyzing, and preparing advanced patent search reports. With their high levels of expertise, you can take advantage of legal experience, process knowledge, and actionable insights throughout the patent prosecution process. Indeed, consider who can prepare patent search reports to effectively protect your intellectual property.

What Is The Average Cost For Patent Search Reports?

Next, you should fully-understand the average cost for patent search reports. The cost for your completed search will likely vary based on the type of report you file. For example, a standard patent search closely examines all issued and pending patents in the United States. Of course, filing these reports typically costs approximately $199. Advanced patent searches, on the other hand, additionally include an inspection of all European pending and issued patents. For these types of reports, you can expect to pay about $249. If you want to file a comprehensive report, this will additionally include most international patents that were issued in the past twenty-five years. Since they include a clear breakdown of all domestic, European, and international applications, these reports cost around $299. Certainly, understand the average cost for patent search reports in the United States.

What Are The Advantages Of Patent Search Reports?

Now, you are ready to familiarize yourself with the core advantage of US patent search reports. For a start, obtaining a search report helps you to eliminate redundant IP research and reduce your risk of infringement. Plus, these comprehensive documents provide you with actionable, reputable insights into current competitor activity. In many cases, inventors can strategically employ this information to speed up your time to commercialization. In fact, you may even want to utilize these documents to maximize your licensing and intellectual property monetization opportunities. Absolutely, consider the core advantages of drafting and executing a comprehensive patent agent in the United States.

What Comes After A Patent Search?

At this point, you may be wondering what comes after your formal patent search report. As soon as your search report is obtained, you can officially protect your idea with a “Patent Pending” status. Typically, this involves filing a provisional patent application (PPA) on your invention. Of course, you can expect to pay an additional $179 for these legal procedures. Since this “Patent Pending” status is only recognized for one-year, you should additionally begin preparing for full patent protection as well. Certainly, this involves prosecuting a full utility, non-provisional patent for your invention. Definitely, consider what comes immediately after filing your patent search report.

There are several key elements to understand about patent search reports in the United States. First and foremost, research exactly what a patent search report is. In addition, find out who can prepare your patent search report. To streamline professionalism and efficiency, you should have your report constructed by an experienced USPTO Delaware patent attorney. Next, you should understand the average cost of obtaining your patent search report. Now, you are ready to consider the key benefits of obtaining a professional patent search. At this point, consider what happens after your report is obtained. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about what a patent search report is for novel inventors in the United States.

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