5 Legal Services From Your Utility Patent Attorney Colorado


Colorado patent attorneys offer inventors several notable legal services. Drafting, filing, and maintaining a utility patent is a complex legal procedure. Inventors must closely management filing deadlines, USPTO compliance requirements, and potential signs of infringement. Of course, errors in these processes can result in severe fines, loss of intellectual property, or infringing competition. As a novel inventor, one of the best ways to streamline this process is by working with registered patent attorney. This way, you can leverage professional expertise, complex process knowledge, and specialized legal advice. To help you get started, read on to learn about the top legal services from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

Patent Enforcement

First and foremost, your expert patent attorney CO is fully-capable of enforcing your intellectual property. Simply, patent enforcement is the most common approach to infringement. Commonly, this is done by filing lawsuits on infringing parties. In court, utility patent applications are enforced on the initiative of the proper, just owner. In other cases, you can choose to license your intellectual property to infringing parties. This way, you can profit from the rights to use, sell, or manufacture your invention. In this structure, you can collect a continuous stream of royalties from your novel idea. Certainly, patent enforcement is a key legal service from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

Patent Maintenance

In addition, the best utility patent attorneys Colorado specialize in comprehensive IP maintenance. Patent maintenance is required to keep your intellectual property right in force. Traditionally, maintenance fees are required to be paid every 3.5, 7.6, and 11.5 years. Of course, a surcharge will be imposed based on late payments. In most cases, these fees vary from $2,000 to $7,700. However, they may differ based on your organizational structure and classification. For example, micro entities and smaller entities are often charged lesser fees, typically ranging between $500 and $4,000. Surely, maintenance is a key service from your utility patent attorney CO.

Patent Litigation

Next, your IP lawyer or patent attorney alternative will help you perform successful litigation. Essentially, patent litigation involves suing an infringing party for the use, production, importation, or sale of a protected invention. Your attorney’s job is to present a convincing case regarding your utility patent’s prior art. Working with an expert lawyer, you can be confidently represented in complex, high-stakes matters. This way, you can enforce your barriers to entry, maximize profits, and level the playing field. Indeed, litigation is an important legal service from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Of course, your Colorado utility patent attorney should have years of experience in intellectual property due diligence Colorado. IP due diligence audits analyze intellectual property assets that are owned by or licensed to a specific party. During this process, your patent lawyer will define, examine, and analyze the intellectual property portfolio of your targeted company or inventor. Many lawyers offer these services offensively. This way, you can strategically acquire or in-license a utility patent application. At the same time, these services can always be performed defensively. In this case, it will be done to sell your application, or out-license your patent. Absolutely, due diligence is an important legal service from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

IP Portfolio Management

Moreover, the best patent lawyers in Colorado can successfully manage your intellectual property portfolio. Portfolio management experts carefully monitor your IP rights collection. Then, they will recommend the best techniques and legal practices to better protect them. For example, they may advise you to use strategic patent procedural mechanisms, leveraging secrecy, and maintain compliance with international filing protocols. This way, you can implement the most suitable methods to promote efficiency and reduce costs. Definitely, IP portfolio management is a primary service from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

There are several top legal services offered from your utility patent attorney CO. First off, patent enforcement helps you keep your IP rights in force. In addition, you will need your attorney to help you streamline regular maintenance fee payments. Next, a licensed patent practitioner should be able to litigate your application on your behalf. Of course, look for an attorney that can perform IP due diligence. Moreover, experienced lawyers will even help you maintain your complete intellectual property portfolio. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top legal services from your utility patent attorney Colorado.

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