What Does A USPTO Provisional Patent Cost For A Company?

There are several effective steps to calculate USPTO provisional patent costs for a company. Businesses typically encounter three main expense categories when filing for intellectual property (IP) protection. These involve the cost to hire a qualified Orange County patent attorney, prepare application drawings, and file with the USPTO. To avoid paying too much, business owners and executives — like yourself — need to fully-understand the fee structure before beginning the process. Read on to learn what a USPTO provisional patent costs for a company.

Understand What PPAs Are

Before you can evaluate USPTO provisional patent costs, you should understand what these applications actually are. Provisional patents got introduced in June 1995. These are legal documents filed by USPTO. Inventors file these applications to find low-cost intellectual property protection in the US. Moreover, a PPA also offers US applicants parity across over 120 countries. Once your application is approved, you must file for a utility patent to extend this provision beyond 12 months. So, don’t miss filing for non-provisional patent in the given time to avoid losing protection. Certainly, understand what PPAs are to effectively calculate provisional patent costs with the USPTO.

Establish Patent Filing Goals

Establish IP filing goals to better understand provisional patent costs. Intellectual property drafting and prosecution costs can vary significantly. If you plan to file a utility application in one year, make sure your provisional application contains all the necessary details, information, and drawings in the future. Every business owner should consider their options for obtaining a utility patent. Of course, you may simply be looking to get a patent pending status for short-term commercial research or viability analyses. Absolutely, explore drafting and filing goals to best understand provisional patent application costs.

Ask A USPTO Attorney About Filing Costs

Ask a USPTO attorney about patent filing costs for your company. Provisional patent applications cost about $200, varying on your application requirements and invention complexity. Of course, this is in addition to a $70 filing fee — imposed by the USPTO. Hire a patent filing expert for a high-quality, detailed application. Remember, provisional applications have a pendency of 12 months from the date filed. For the most recent USPTO fee schedule, contact your patent attorney or agent. Definitely, reach out to a USPTO attorney to calculate company provisional patent filing costs.

Factor In USPTO Examinations Expenses

Calculate examination expenses to understand how much a provisional patent for your company will cost. USPTO examiners are responsible for reviewing provisional patent applications and claims. These IP experts give feedback and answers on patentability. Expect a post allowance fee for these needed requirements. In most cases, examination fees are factored into the cost of your provisional patent application. Of course, the exact amount depends on the application timeline and invention complexity. Once you have completed the examination process, your patent will be approved and granted. Surely, learn about examination expenses to better understand USPTO provisional patent costs.

These are the steps are to evaluate USPTO provisional patent costs for companies. This is a critical step to get a patent pending application status. Initially, understand what provisional patent applications are. Next, establish patent filing goals and objectives. Then, ask your USPTO attorney about the approximate filling costs. Don’t forget to account for maintenance fees as well. These, in addition to USPTO examination expenses can impact your final bill. Follow the steps above to learn about USPTO provisional patent application costs for companies.

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