5 USPTO Patent Services Wisconsin To Secure Your Intellectual Property


There are several important USPTO Wisconsin patent services to help you safeguard your intellectual property (IP). Wisconsin investors have access to a host of professional patent services and assistance options. The United States Patent & Trademark Office grants novel inventors, such as yourself, different kinds of applications to secure your valuable ideas. Of course, obtaining these patent services is a huge advantage in protecting your new invention. Read on to learn about the USPTO patent services Wisconsin to secure your intellectual property.

Patent Search Report

First off, an expert patent search service will be essential to protect your novel invention. A patent search report thoroughly scans for any existing patent applications or prior arts that are similar to your invention. Of course, this is key in determining whether or not your invention actually is patentable. This way, you can save time on researching, manufacturing, and protecting an invention that is not eligible for a patent. At the same time, this will help you improve the likelihood for your intellectual property protection being granted. Naturally, this helps inventors maintain a competitive advantage and minimize any additional investments. Certainly, a patent search report is an excellent WI patent service to protect your IP.

Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

In addition, consider obtaining a provisional patent application Wisconsin to protect your novel invention. A PPA provides you a one-year, “Patent Pending” pendency from the time your application is filed. During this period, you can take the time to assess the commercial viability and profit potential of your novel invention. Of course, this allows you to establish an official filing date with the USPTO. Receiving these IP services, you can expect confidentiality, a faster preliminary process, as well as immediate acceptance. Simultaneously, a provisional application allows you the opportunity to extend your term of patent protection. Surely, many USPTO patent firms Wisconsin offer provisional patent application drafting and filing services.

Design Patent

At the same time, many Wisconsin IP firms allow you to file a design patent online. A design patent is used to safeguard the ornamental design and appearance of your invention. Commonly, this is used to protect products like jewelry, bottles, and other plastic goods. Filing this type of application, you can prevent invention knockoffs, save money, and obtain IP protection faster. Similarly, these applications are often much more affordable than full non provisional utility applications. In fact, you can expect to pay approximately $800 for a design patent application filing service. Indeed, the best USPTO Wisconsin patent services include design application filing, drafting, and prosecution.

Non Provisional Patent Application

Next, a non provisional patent application is often considered the “regular” intellectual property filing service. A non provisional application is one of the highest levels of USPTO patent protection. Obtaining this form of IP, you will receive full patent rights for up to fourteen years on design inventions. For utility inventions, on the other hand, you can receive patent rights for up to twenty years. If you are interested in filing a non provisional patent application, you can expect to pay upwards of $2,500. At the same time, you may be required to pay a filing fee with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, which will cost up to $455. Absolutely, a non provisional application filing is a core service of a USPTO patent service Wisconsin.

Patent Analytics

Of course, many Wisconsin professional patent services will include analytics. There are several important components included in patent analytics. First, your agent will perform prior art searches that evaluate previous works, as well as various litigation requirements. With this information, they will conduct a patentability analysis to provide an accurate conclusion on your eligibility. Then, they can help you perform a freedom to operate search (FTO) to ensure that you will not infringe on valid intellectual property rights. Other important services include validity searching, which will play a major role in re-examination as well as litigation. Once these processes are complete, your IP agent may even recommend conducting deeply-researched patent landscape mapping (PLM) Indubitably, patent analytics are a primary service of Wisconsin IP consulting firms.

There are several important intellectual property services that help you protect your IP. First off, many patent firms offer expert search reports. In addition, provisional patent filing is another primary service of IP protection firms. At the same time, many firms will offer design patent drafting, filing, and prosecution. Next, consider the important of non provisional patent application filing. Of course, patent analytics will help you validate, map, and assess the commercial viability of your novel invention. Follow the points mentioned above to learn about the USPTO patent services Wisconsin to secure your intellectual property.

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