USPTO Patent Filing Fees: The Cost Of Obtaining A Patent In The US


Before drafting an application, clearly understand the USPTO patent filing fees associated obtaining an application in the United States. Patent filing fees vary widely based on application type, invention complexity, and industry. At the same time, there are specific USPTO and attorney fees associated with obtaining your application. As a novel inventor, you should have a rough, ballpark understanding of your overall drafting, filing, and prosecution expenses. This way, you can financially prepare to enter the patent process with confidence and peace of mind. Read on to learn about the USPTO patent filing fees for obtaining an application in the US.

Patent Search Report

First off, examine the USPTO patent filing fees associated with obtaining a comprehensive search report. Essentially, a patent search report analyzes relevant prior arts to determine if your invention is patentable. To obtain an accurate, detailed report in the United States, you can expect to pay approximately $300. Of course, this includes a thorough examination of issued and pending patents from the USA, Europe, as well as most international countries. Agreeing to these services, you can minimize redundant research and your risk of intellectual property (IP) infringement. Naturally, this will help you accelerate your time to commercialization and gain deeper insights into the patent protection scope. Certainly, understand the costs filing fees for a patent search report to successfully draft your application.

Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

In addition, consider the additional cost of provisional patent filing fees before applying for intellectual property protection. A PPA allows you to secure an official filing date without an established patent declaration, claim, or information disclosure. To draft, file, and prosecute a novel application in the USA, you can expect to pay approximately $179. In exchange for this fee, you will receive a one year “Patent Pendency” status. With this application secured, you can secure intellectual property, extend the patent term, and begin promoting your invention. At the same time, PPAs serve as an highly-effective, affordable short-term solution. Surely, you may encounter specific USPTO provisional patent filing fees when applying for protection.

Provisional Patent Conversion

Once your PPA expires, you will need to pay additional patent filing fees for application conversion. Provisional patents only offer a one year pendency, which cannot be extended. Therefore, you must file a non-provisional or design application by the end of these twelve months. The cost for these services will likely depend on the type of patent you are looking to obtain. After all, design patents are much cheaper than non-provisional applications. Absolutely, provisional patent conversional has a unique fee structure that must be met.

Design Patent Applications

Now, think about the cost to file a design patent online. Design patent applications protect the distinct visual, ornamental, and non-functional characteristics of your novel invention. Typically, these are applied to designs for furniture, jewelry, icons, and beverage containers. For professional design patent filing services, you can expect to pay roughly $979 in the United States. In addition, the USPTO imposes an additional $255 filing fee. With a professionally drafted design application, you can prevent knockoffs, secure your investment, and drive potential cost savings. Indeed, thoroughly examine the USPTO patent filing fees on design applications.

Non-Provisional Utility Patents

Of course, inventors should also be aware of non-provisional utility patent filing fees. Utility patents cover the creation of a new or improved invention, machine, or procedure. These secure applications explicitly prohibit other businesses from manufacturing, selling, or profiting from your invention without your explicit permission. To effectively draft, file, and prosecute a non-provisional application, you should expect to pay approximately $2,779. In addition, you will be charged an extra $455 in USPTO filing fees. Once secured, this application will secure your invention’s functional aspects. Simultaneously, these solutions deliver broad patent protection, which makes it difficult for competitors to escape infringement. Definitely, inspect the USPTO patent filing fees associated with non-provisional utility applications in the United States.

Novel inventors should be keenly aware of the various USPTO patent filing fees associated with obtaining intellectual property protection. First and foremost, there are specific costs attached to securing a detailed search report. In addition, think about the cost to get a provisional patent online. At the end of your twelve month pendency, there are also fees for patent conversion. Similarly, design applications have various fees to analyze for legal protection. Of course, inventors also must be aware of the costs associated with utility patent protection. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about USPTO patent filing fees and the cost of obtaining an application in the US.

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