Expedited USPTO Design Patent Application Services

Start protecting your design today with expedited USPTO design patent application services. A design embodies the non-functional, visual, and ornamental qualities of a novel invention. Accepted designs are fully-manifested in appearance – primarily related to shape, surface, or configuration. When designs meets the requirements for novelty, newness, and non-obviousness, they are eligible for intellectual property (IP) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Read on to learn more about expedited, rapid design patent filing services.

Hire A Patent Attorney

Before you file or submit anything, hire an experienced, certified USPTO design patent attorney. The design patenting process is incredibly time-consuming, detail-oriented, and intensive. If you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise for patent filing – you should definitely consider hiring a knowledgeable expert. These qualified professionals already understand the inner workings of fundamental USPTO drafting, submission, and prosecution processes. Certainly, hire an expert design patent agent to help you navigate the intellectual property prosecution process.

Order Design Patent Drawings

With some help from your design patent lawyer, you are now ready to order some drawings of your idea. The USPTO will accept several different drawing input formats – including handwritten sketches, computer-aided drawings, photographs, and prototypes. Make sure the drawings you provide are clear and complete. You don’t want to leave anything up to interpretation. Once submitted, drawings cannot be corrected – without new material addition. Definitely, work with your IP attorney to get clear, comprehensive, and detailed design patent drawings.

Know The Filing Requirements

Next, get familiar with the filing requirements for design patents USPTO. Even if you’re interested in expedited prosecution, you’ll need to comply with the same Patent Office demands. For a start, you’ll need plenty of detailed drawings that clearly showcase your design. Additionally, prepare a specification and oath or declaration. These documents state that you are the true inventor of the design, as well as providing some additional information regarding its configuration. If you’ve already obtained a patent search report, you should include the results as well. Thankfully, your attorney will help you prepare, organize, and submit all of these documents. This way, you can prevent costly, time-consuming errors throughout the design application prosecution process.

Calculate Estimated Drafting Costs

Once you understand all the design patent filing requirements, calculate all the estimated costs for these services. Design patenting fees can vary widely based on your attorney’s experience, invention complexity, and timeline requirements. To keep things predictable, work with a knowledgeable attorney that offers affordable, flat fees. For a design patent, you should expect to spend approximately $850 – in addition to a $204 filing fee, imposed by the US Patent Office. Indeed, calculate estimated costs when getting started with design patent filing in the United States.

File An Expedited Examination Request

Prior to submitting your design patent application with the USPTO, speak with your IP lawyer Texas about expedited examination options. The average wait time for Patent Office examination is typically around sixteen months. With expedited USPTO examination, this can be accelerated to roughly two or three months. Ultimately, these services can save you up to a year from initial review to official grant date. Ask your patent attorney about when expedited examination documents – also known as Rocket Dockets — are available. Surely, file an expedited examination request with your preferred USPTO design patent application attorney.

There are several key steps to protect your idea with expedited USPTO design patent services. To start off, hire a skilled and experienced patent filing attorney. Together, you can discuss all the required filing requirements for the end-to-end prosecution process.  After, get some clear, detailed drawings for your invention. Then, start thinking about how much it will cost to file your patent documents, in accordance with your desired timeline. Before pressing submit, Follow the points above to learn about expedited design patent application filing services with USPTO certified attorneys.

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