Patent and Trademark USPTO Attorney Search For Your Inventions

The USPTO attorney search tool is available to the public. There are currently more than 50,000 active practitioners, agents, and attorneys available. The record of registered patent attorneys and agents are provided the Office of Enrollment and Discipline. With so many firms and individuals available, inventors may have a hard time searching for the best patent attorney or lawyer. Some inventors prefer to find a local patent attorney in Miami, New York City or San Francisco. Meanwhile, you might prefer a competent expert who has had some success in your industry or field. In this post, we’ll explore the patent and trademark USPTO attorney search.

Check USPTO Attorney Qualifications

When searching for a USPTO attorney, you should check their qualifications. Each patent attorney registered with the USPTO must have passed the bar exam and possess technical and law degrees. Each attorney has a registration number with the USPTO. These qualifications ensure a level of competence in drafting patent applications. A certified USPTO attorney can offer professional patent filing services in the US with the necessary documentation. USPTO patent attorneys play a crucial role in navigating the complexities of patent law. These attorneys also provide valuable advice related to patents. You can also ask them to shape effective strategies for protecting your invention. Indeed, assess patent agent qualification when searching for a USPTO attorney to safeguard your invention.

USPTO Attorney Search vs Agent Search

Next, determine your needs for an attorney search or agent search. Both agents and attorneys are registered with the USPTO. Plus, both can prepare and file your patent application. In fact, patent agents can revise applications and communicate with examiners too. However, only attorneys can practice law on your behalf. Attorneys can represent you in court and provide legal advice. While conducting a USPTO search for attorneys or agents, you can filter by their status. This way, you can choose to work with a patent agent or attorney depending on your invention needs, terminology and industry.

Verify Credentials In The USPTO Attorney Search Database

Next, verify credentials in the USPTO attorney search database, available by the USPTO Office of Enrollment and Discipline. Search the attorney by their registration number in the system. This number confirms whether or not the attorney is registered with the USPTO and their current status. The status will confirm if they are an agent, or attorney. You might find attorneys who have passed the bar but are not registered with the USPTO. Of course, you should confirm that the attorney or agent has an active status with the USPTO search database. Additionally, you can view their patent registration date. The date gives you an idea of their experience and how long the agent/attorney has been practicing. Certainly, verify attorney information using the USPTO database to confirm credibility and qualification.

Find How Many Patents The Attorney Has Obtained

Next, you can conduct a USPTO attorney search to find how many patents have been obtained. Using the patent public search tool, you can easily do a patent attorney search. Using the attorney’s name, the records will show how many patents have been approved. Pay attention to the types of inventions that are listed. Some patent attorneys specialized in specific fields like science, engineering, software or products. Meanwhile, some attorneys or agents can handle a wide variety of patents. For example, at Patent360, we have obtained more than 800 patents for our clients. You can find our patent attorney listed under the “Attorney, Agent or Firm” section of the patent. Additionally, viewing the number of patents an attorney has obtained indicates their experience, background and competency. Before hiring an attorney, use the USPTO search to find how many patents have been obtained.

Search For The Patent Attorney Or Firm On Google 

Now, search for the USPTO patent and trademark attorney on Google. Perform a comprehensive Google search to evaluate the attorney’s profile. You should search by their “First Name” and “Last Name”. Or, search for the name of their company. This way,, you can check online reviews, press releases, and previous cases on Google. In just a few minutes, you can determine how many satisfied clients they have. And, you can quickly reach out for a free quote or consultation. The best attorneys offer fixed patent pending costs and utility patent filing packages. In fact, you can request a sample of previous work to see if it meets your needs. Ideally, you’ll want to find attorneys who offer fast responses and can handle both small and large cases. Contact these attorneys individually to know whether or not they are taking new clients.

Follow these steps to perform a patents and trademarks USPTO attorney search for inventions. You can search and verify your patent attorney’s qualifications to move forward. Determine your need for an attorney search or agent search. Next, verify their credentials in the USPTO attorney search database to find how many patents attorney has been obtained. Then, search the patent attorney or firm on google for more information. End your USPTO attorney search here – contact us at

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