List Of The Top US Patent Services For Companies

There are several top-rated US patent services for companies. Top patent law firms in offer advanced services related to design, intellectual property, and invention protection. Patents are a significant investment and require detail-oriented work to fulfill each client’s specific needs. Expert patent lawyers evaluate business strategy, and develop an effective prosecution approach to support IP objectives. If you are looking for trusted patent services, our team has been trained in diverse backgrounds, in various fields of science and engineering. With a qualified team of professionals, we have diverse corporate experience to provide top patent solutions. Read on to learn more about the top patent services for companies in the US.

Patent Searching

Intellectual property searching is one of the most important patent services in the US. Patent searching is advanced, comprehensive, and detail-oriented even for IP professionals. These searches involve much more than scanning the internet for potentially similar ideas. Your idea has to be tested from every possible angle in meticulous detail. Obtain a detailed patent search by a professional to compare any similar prior art references. Surely, IP searching is made easy with the top USA patent services.

Provisional Patent Filing

File a provisional application online with the top patent services in the US. Provisional patents help inventors secure intellectual property rights for a limited, one-year pendency. During this time, you can emphasize that your idea is protected with a “Patent Pending” status. A year later, you can convert your PPA into a full, non provisional patent. Notably, a provisional patent helps you reserve a priority spot in line with the USPTO. In addition, you can continue to modify, optimize, and test your invention with confidence. Certainly, provisional patent filing is one of the best IP services in the US.

Design Patent Applications

The top IP services in the US help file your design patents applications.  Design patents focus more on the artistic aspects of an invention. Protecting the aesthetic appeal of your invention can be equally important as its utility.  Some inventions like handbags, sunglasses and footwear need multiple design patents for extra protection. It often makes sense to file a design patent, as the fee at USPTO is cheaper. At the same time, these applications don’t require further maintenance fees throughout the patent lifetime. You can rely on our team of reliable professionals to recommend and file the patent most suitable for your invention. Look for the best patent service in the US for your design patent application. 

Utility Patent Prosecution

The best intellectual property company in the US makes utility patents services simple. Without proper filing services, your inventions can face rejections in the middle of the USPTO patenting process. Utility patents specify claims to define the scope of protection. The process for utility patent drafting can go on for years, from initial filling, USPTO prosecution, and the final grant. Our intellectual property experts are equipped with resources to prosecute your applications confidently and successfully. Definitely, contact the best patenting attorney for utility patent services in US.

USPTO Office Actions Amendments

Respond to USPTO office actions with the top US patent services. Patent filings often receive USPTO office actions and rejections. Simply, this means your application requires modifications, or some need more legal argument before approval. These office actions require timely response and failure to respond can get your application abandoned. Also, the USPTO never reminds you of the deadline. Since every office action is different, you need experienced professionals for a timely and effective response. Work with an attorney to review your patent application in detail before responding to office actions. If you have received an office action, learn about the top US patent services. 

There are several effective patent services in the United States for companies. The intellectual property filing process typically begins with a worldwide patent search. Next, file a PPA to secure a temporary “Patent Pending” status. If your invention has unique visual characteristics and qualities, learn about design patent filing as well. Before the end of your 12-month pendency, speak with your attorney about filing a utility application. In case you encounter rejections, look for an agent that handles USPTO office action responses. Follow the points above to learn about the top US patent services for companies.

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