What Can A Patenting Attorney Do For My Application?

Trusted USPTO patenting attorneys can offer several expert services for intellectual property (IP) applications. Registered patent attorneys in Virginia are passionate about helping innovative novel inventors accomplish their goals. With over 500 applications acquired, the top patent lawyers represent startup small business owners, creators, and investors located all across the United States. If you are looking to obtain a provisional, design, or utility patent for your invention, you need to partner with a reputable IP law firm. This way, you can access top-quality process knowledge and legal advice from a USPTO-certified professional. Read on to learn what a patenting agent can do for your application.

Intellectual Property (IP) Goals Evaluation

Before any documents are filed, your patenting attorney will start by evaluating your intellectual property (IP) goals. Experienced patent agents will want to know more about your current IP prosecution goals, strategies, ideas, and plans. This helps them understand when you should officially draft and file your patent application. During this introductory session, your agent will also ask about your current invention functionality, utility, and design characteristics. Think of this as an initial inventi9on protection strategy session. Surely, a patenting attorney can help you with intellectual property goals evaluation.

Patentability Search

Intellectual property attorneys help inventors conduct an in-depth patentability search for their novel inventions. A worldwide patent search examines previous prior art references to evaluate the uniqueness and originality of your documents. Throughout the intellectual property search, your attorney scans related documents, available citations, and other pertinent sources. A comprehensive search covers publicly-available applications, related literature, domain-specific content. Once the search is complete, you’ll receive a detailed, advanced report that highlights any similar references. Indeed, work with a patenting attorney to conduct a thorough intellectual property search for your invention.   

Patent Application Drafting

After a comprehensive search is completed, US patenting attorneys help draft your application. The patenting drafting process involves preparing your claims and specification. These documents help USPTO examiners review your patent application later-on. Your IP agent may also recommend creating detailed drawings for visual and illustrative purposes. Once your provisional application (PPA) is drafted and filed with the USPTO, your invention officially enters the “Patent Pending” stage. Indeed, expert patenting attorneys guide novel inventors through the application drafting process.

USPTO Office Action Responses

After your application is filed, an expert patent attorney Phoenix AZ can help you prepare and submit Office Action Responses. Don’t be surprised if the USPTO issues an Office Action or requests amendments after your application is submitted. These are issued whenever patent examiners have underlying concerns or need clarification regarding your application. As soon as an Office Action is received, you need to respond promptly and professionally. The USPTO has specific deadlines that must be met. Thankfully, the best intellectual property attorneys have experience in drafting appropriate responses, then submitting these documents in a timely manner. Absolutely, work with a skilled patenting attorney to prepare detailed Office Action responses.

Patent Acquisition

After any application amendments are accepted, the next step of the patenting process is acquisition. Patent attorneys carefully prepare your application to offer the broadest scope of possible protection. Knowledgeable lawyers draw from years of experience to prosecute enforcable and valid intellectual property claims. Once the documents are filed, you’ll be kept informed throughout every step of the process. Definitely, application acquisition is a vital service from the best United States patenting agents.

Partnering with a trusted USPTO patenting attorney provides invaluable support in the intellectual property application process. First, a patent agent Nevada evaluate your IP goals, plans, and strategies. Next, lawyers conduct thorough patentability searches to identify prior art references. After a successful search, your patent application can be drafted. In some cases, additional USPTO Office Action responses may be required. After any amendments are made, you can officially enter the patent acquisition phase. Follow the points above to learn what a patenting attorney can do for your application.

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