How To Get A Patent Pending Status In The United States

Secure a patent pending status in the United States and safeguard new inventions against infringement. Getting a patent pending status is an important procedure to prevent competitors from copying an idea. This status indicates that the owner is working on acquiring proprietary rights to license or sell the product. Fortunately, getting a patent pending status in the US is a fairly straightforward process. As an inventor yourself, you can work with a patent attorney or agent to secure your IP status. Read on to learn about getting a patent pending status in the United States for your potential inventions.

Hire A Trusted Patent Attorney

First, search for a local patent attorney who specializes in patent pending applications. You may need more information to file for the patent pending status, even after the initial research. A professional USPTO patent attorney Texas thoroughly assesses similar inventions and interprets different technical details. Your attorney will perform extensive prior art research to evaluate the patentability of your innovation. These lawyers also adhere to USPTO patent laws while drafting your application. Certainly, hire a skilled local attorney before submitting your patent pending status request in the United States.

Get A Comprehensive Patent Search Report

Get a comprehensive IP search report to obtain a patent pending status application in the US. This initial patent search validates whether your invention is novel or not. Your attorney will use the USPTO database to to search for inventions that are similar to your idea. This information can help you make unique tweaks or modifications prior to USPTO submission. Indeed, get an intellectual property search to mark your invention as patent pending in the US.

File For A Provisional Patent Application

File a provisional application to get patent pending status for your invention in the United States. These types of patents provide you with temporary IP rights for one year. During this period, you can improve your product or make subtle changes to ensure it complies with non-provisional patent requirements. Your patent lawyer will prepare the application to ensure it covers the scope of protection. Certainly, file a provisional application and instantly get patent pending status in the US.

Market Your Invention As Patent Pending

Now, you are ready to market your invention with the patent pending status. With the patent pending status, you can safely promote your invention and get better licensing opportunities. A product with a patent pending mark automatically establishes a priority filing date with the USPTO. Or, use the patent pending mark to present your invention in front of investors safely. Even if someone steals the idea and files a patent, the USPTO will reject it. Indeed, use the patent pending status to market your invention for better exposure.

Submit Non-Provisional Patent Application For Functional Inventions

The best patent attorneys advise inventors to file non-provisional applications for fully functional products. These products should be backed by comprehensive legal documentation and must comply with USPTO patent guidelines. Then, a USPTO examiner will officially review the application to initiate the patent review process. Indeed, submit a non-provisional application before your patent pending status expires.

Getting patent pending status in the US is a straightforward process. Start by performing comprehensive research to validate the novelty status of your idea. Then, look for a patent attorney near me to get professional assistance with your application. The attorney will also help you file the provisional patent application. Finally, use the patent pending status to market your invention without compromising its security. Follow the points above to get a patent pending status in the United States.

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