Patent Pending Examples For Your Provisional Application

Explore different patent pending examples for provisional applications. The term “patent pending” states that an invention is active with the USPTO. This status indicates that the invention has a future, recognized priority filing status for patent protection. Getting a patent pending is typically an early stage in the IP prosecution lifecycle – helping to make inventions market-ready. As a novel inventor, you should know if your original product is eligible for a patent pending status in the United States. Read on to learn about patent pending examples for your provisional application. 

New Products & Inventions

First, consider patent pending application examples on new products and inventions. Jewelry, functional machines, devices, and instruments are all eligible for patent pending protection. You can additionally file a provisional application for compositions, tools, or upgrades to existing products. To qualify, your new invention must have a patentable subject matter and functional utility. After your provisional patent is approved, you have a year to secure a utility application. Indeed, review patent pending examples that cover new products and inventions. 

Medical Devices

Look at recent patent-pending examples on innovative and novel medical devices. These inventions help healthcare professionals diagnose, cure, and prevent different ailments. MRI machines and electronic pill dispensers are both patented medical equipment examples. Similar to these devices, you can get a patent pending status for surgical equipment, medical software, and vital sign monitors. Once your PPA is approved, securing a patent pending status gives you a significant competitive advantage in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Indeed, medical devices are a common example of inventions that can receive patent pending status.

Mobile Apps

You can also look at recent patent-pending examples on powerful and original mobile apps. Developers regularly hire a provisional patent attorney to protect unique software features, as well as how mobile apps interact with the server. Google and Facebook are two notable features of applications with patented functionality. Both of these tech giants opted to patent specific user interface features – rather the entire app. The real estate marketplace Zillow, on the other hand, secured protection for their entire mobile app. This patent covers everything from GUI views to back-end computing processes. Definitely, look at patent pending examples on successful mobile apps.

Business Methods

There are also notable business method patent pending examples to asses. Amazon’s one-click shopping is one of the most recognizable process patent examples. To be eligible for a PPA, your business method must improve user experiences or company revenue. For example, Amazon’s one-click feature helps shoppers place orders instantly – improving both client experiences and business revenue. Indeed, there are popular patent pending examples applied to profitable business processes.

Electronics Devices

More, analyze patent pending examples on new, novel, and non-obvious electronic devices. Nicola Tesla’s AC generator is an early example of a patented electronic device. Today, you can file provisional applications on modern electrical devices like computer hardware, motors, and machine learning devices. You can even file a PPA on circuit board design, electronic transaction terminals, and wired or wireless communication systems. As long as the electrical systems you’ve invented are inventive and original, you should be eligible for patent protection worldwide. Certainly, understand the latest patent pending examples on novel electronic devices.

There are different patent pending examples for provisional applications. Many of the most relevant examples are on new products and inventions. In addition, you can file a provisional application for medical devices. Of course, you may need global patent search services before filing your PPA. You should also consider recent patent pending examples if you invented a mobile app, or improved a business process. Innovative electronic devices are also eligible for patent pending. Follow the points above to know more about different patent pending examples for provisional applications.

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