Should I Start Patent Filing Michigan With An Agent?


There are several appropriate times to begin Michigan patent filing with an expert agent. Filing your patent in a quick, timely manner is incredibly important. After all, the United States became a first-to-file country back in 2011. Therefore, poor timing can lead to a loss of money or intellectual property (IP) rights. Determining when to begin the patent prosecution process is a pivotal decision for novel inventors, such as yourself. Ultimately, the best time to file depends on a number of business, legal, and financial factors. Simultaneously, it may differ based on factors specific to your invention. To help you choose the most suitable time period, read on to learn about when should you start patent filing Michigan with an expert agent.

As Early As You Can

First off, you should always try to start MI USPTO patent filing as early as physically possible. Inventors should always try to secure the earliest filing date available with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Under the 2011 America Invents Act, patents are awarded to the first inventor to file intellectual property protection. Therefore, applying as early as possible is especially important. This way, you can secure your application before anyone else does on a similar prior art. Even if you are not financially prepared, consider starting with a provisional patent application. With this application, you can take advantage of the “Patent Pending” status for a one-year pendency period. Certainly, it is important to start Michigan patent filing as early as you can.

Prior To Public Disclosure

Next, consider starting the patent filing process Michigan prior to disclosing your invention to the public. You do not want to show your invention to anybody before filing a patent. After all, they could potentially get a similar patent for your same invention. Therefore, file a provisional, utility, or design patent on your product before making it public. This way, you can prevent knockoffs and leverage secure legal rights against intellectual property infringement. Surely, start United States patent filing Michigan prior to public disclosure of your invention.

Before Pitching To Investors

In addition, consider filing IP with a USPTO patent drafting agent Michigan before meeting with investors. As previously mentioned, you begin to forfeit some of your IP rights once you make a public disclosure. Meeting with potential investors is no different. After all, these are typically public events, where recording is often allowed. If you already plan on meeting with investors beforehand, be sure to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This way, you can feel more confident while making your pitch. In fact, this may even boost your chances of receiving financial support. Indeed, begin patent filing Michigan before pitching to potential investors.

A Year After Initial Public Disclosure

Of course, start USPTO patent filing Michigan a year after your initial public disclosure. You are only eligible for patent protection once you know how your product can be manufactured, marketed, and implemented. Once you have publicly disclosed your invention, you have a one year period to file an application on your invention. After this twelve-month pendency, you are no longer eligible for protection on your invention. Therefore, you should closely monitor your first to sell and public disclosure data to ensure you do not exceed your limits. Absolutely, a year after initial disclosure is a great time to start patent filing in Michigan.

Following Technological Development

Moreover, you can always start patent filing MI with an expert agent post-development of your invention. It is a good idea to prepare for patent filing after you have a tangible invention. After all, you cannot patent an idea. After your product is developed, you can prepare blueprints, draft specifications, and capture images. Of course, these will help your patent agent effectively draft, file, and prosecute your application with the USPTO. This way, you can significantly improve your patent probability rates. Definitely, post-development is a great time to begin patent filing in Michigan.

There are plenty of suitable times to start patent filing Michigan. Many expert patent attorney alternatives recommend filing as early as you can. In addition, consider processing your application prior to public disclosure. Next, prior to your investor pitch is another great time to draft and prosecute your application. Of course, you should certainly prepare your patent a year after public disclosure. If you have not already, consider beginning the process following development of your technology. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about when should you start patent filing Michigan with an expert agent.

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