How To Patent An Algorithm For Software Products And Math Formulas


There are several key steps to patent an algorithm for software products and math formulas. Algorithm patents are specialized intellectual property (IP) applications that protect a unique process, mathematical formula, data structure, or software functionality. They’ve become especially popular in recent years – with computerized algorithms now automating significant aspects of our society. If you’ve successfully formulated a novel, out-of-the-box, and original algorithm – these patents may be an essential IP solution. This way, you can secure a tech startup patent with confidence, peace of mind, and ease. Read on to learn about patenting an algorithm for software products and math formulas.

Determine Novelty And Originality

Before you can apply for intellectual property, determine what makes your software algorithm or math formula unique. In short, focus on the core qualities, aspects, and traits that make your algorithm better than others. You should be able to confidently answer this question without any second thoughts or doubts. Maybe your algorithm offers lower costs, driver greater software security, or empowers mathematical efficiency. Or, it could simply be a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy solution. You may even be creating a totally new opportunity or approach. Certainly, determine novelty, uniqueness, and originality to patent an algorithm.

Study Some Famous Algorithm Patents

Once you are sure of your originality, start studying some famous algorithm patents. Some of the most recent algorithm patents have been acquired by major players in the technology space. Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, and Sony are some of the largest owners of these assets. They’ve used IP to protect formulations for facial recognition, hand gestures, automated drone flying, and virtual assistants. Many of these written algorithms are related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). With a better idea of the newly-issued patents, you can ensure your IP application meets the same key qualities. Surely, study some new algorithm patents before filing for intellectual property.

Hire An Expert Patent Agent

Now, you are ready to hire an algorithm patent attorney to guide you through the prosecution process. Specifically, you want to recruit someone who has experience with patenting business processes, software products, and mathematical formulations. Review their online website to learn about some of the patents, trademarks, and intellectual property assets they’ve recently obtained. To maximize patentability, look for an IP attorney with former professional experience as a USPTO Examiner. This way, they’re knowledgeable in the US Patent Office’s exact requirements, standards, and expectations. Indeed, hire an experienced, certified lawyer to help you with algorithm patent filing.

Establish Proof Of Ownership

Prior to submitting an application, it really helps to establish proof of ownership. It’s especially important to outline ownership rights when filing for an algorithm patent. After all, it can already be challenging to protect against someone attempting to utilize your protected algorithm, formula, or process. There’s a number of different ways to go about proving your proprietary development and current ownership. If you’re working with software code, consider building in embedded digital watermarks. These can include a secret code, ownership statement, or patent infringement warning. Absolutely, establish proof of ownership to patent an algorithm for software applications and mathematical formulas.

Prepare For Patent Filing

Now, you are ready to prepare for algorithm patent filing. As you get ready for submission, keep a detailed record of your algorithm writing, execution, and patenting process. Have this all accessible in a written inventor’s notebook. Then, you may want to conduct an advanced USPTO patent search report. This is an excellent tool to assess commercial potential, reduce infringement risks, and accelerate the time to approval. You can even perform a worldwide patent search for international filing options. Definitely, prepare for filing to secure a new algorithm patent on your innovation.

There are several key steps to patent an algorithm for software products and math formulas. Start off by determining what makes your algorithm, formulation, or innovation unique. Next, study some famous, recently-acquired algorithm patent examples. From here, you’re ready to hire an experienced, USPTO-certified patent attorney. With their help, you can establish proof of ownership. Then, prepare for official patent filing. Follow the points above to learn about patenting an algorithm for software products and math formulas.

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