The Basics On How To Obtain A Patent For An Invention Or Design

There are several basics to consider when obtaining a patent for inventions or designs. A patent application is one of the most valuable, worthwhile investments a new inventor can make. Today, United States intellectual property (IP) law protects any creative inventor who discovers an innovative machine, process, or composition — as well as improvements made to an existing idea. As an inventor yourself, you should know the essential steps to follow when filing for IP protection. This way, you can deter competitors looking to drive revenues from your out-of-the-box idea. Read on to learn how to obtain a patent for an invention or design.

Fully Understand Your Novel Invention

The first basic step for how to obtain a patent application is to clearly understand your novel invention. Determine what features, aspects, and characteristics of your invention make it unique. From here, think about the scope of commercialization, as well as different ways to manufacture the product. You should understand every different way that your invention works. This should reveal your invention’s broader purpose and application. Figuring this out early helps you immensely while protecting your unique design or idea. Absolutely, fully understand your novel invention to obtain a patent with the basics.

Hire A Qualified Patent Lawyer

One of the most fundamental steps to obtain a patent for your invention or design is to hire a qualified lawyer.  A skilled patent attorney helps you determine if your idea is patentable and guide you through each stage of the process. Intellectual property is essentially worthless if it cannot be defended against potential competitors. Expert patent lawyers help you draft, file, and prosecute a bulletproof application. Before you make any decisions, schedule a patent agent consultation where you can further discuss the filing process. Indeed, hiring a qualified patent lawyer helps you navigate the basics of obtaining intellectual property.

Get A Patent Search Report

At this point, it is time to obtain an advanced, comprehensive, and worldwide patent search report. Your low cost patent search attorney will recommend these reports to verify that your invention is new, novel, and non-obvious. IP searching involves analyzing US published patents, pending intellectual property, official technical publications, and scientific journals. Typically, your patent attorney will begin their research on the internet. Later on, they will utilize automated tools that rapidly scan global databases. Definitely, get a comprehensive search report to help you obtain a patent in the United States.

Submit Your Patent Application

Now, you are ready to submit your patent application for utility inventions or designs. Your completed application needs to contain several key elements, forms, and documents. Most importantly, you need a specification that describes your idea, along with background information, drawings, and a summary. The USPTO also requires claims to be submitted with your application. This should emphasize exactly what aspects of your invention require protection. Depending on your commercialization goals, you can also speak with your patent attorney Phoenix about filing a non-publication request. If approved, this will prevent the USPTO from publishing your application for eighteen months after acceptance. Surely, submitting your completed application is one of the fundamental basics to obtain an invention patent.

Collaborate With USPTO Examiners

Another basic of obtaining a patent involves working with USPTO examiners. Typically, this happens just weeks after your initial application is submitted. A qualified Patent Office examiner will contact your attorney via mail — and let them know what’s needed for approval. These communications must be answered quickly and properly to avoid application denial. During this time, work with your lawyer to address patentability objections and make amendments to your application. Certainly, collaborate with USPTO examiners to help you obtain a patent while following the basics.

There’s several basics to consider when you obtain a patent for inventions or designs. Before you do anything, make sure that you fully understand your novel idea. Next, hire a qualified patent company near me to guide you through the prosecution process. With their help, you can obtain a comprehensive patent search report. Then, you are ready to officially submit your application. From here, it is time to collaborate with United States Patent Office examiners. Follow the points above to learn about obtaining a patent for new and novel inventions.

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