How To Get A Patent In NY And Protect Your Novel Idea


There’s a few important steps to get a patent in NY and protect your novel idea. The process for obtaining a patent in New York is exactly the same as any other state. After all, patents are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Applying for a provisional, design, or utility patent can sometimes be a lengthy, complex process. Fortunately, the end-to-end filing procedure can be made much simpler by working with a USPTO patent lawyer New York. To help you get started, read on to learn how to get a patent in NY and protect your novel idea.

Understand Your Invention

The first step to get a patent in NY is to clearly understand your invention. Essentially, you want to depict what functionalities make your idea new, useful, and non-obvious. Once you identify these functional and ornamental aspects, you’ll have a better understanding of overall scope. In addition, you should find out all the possible ways to manufacture and design your custom invention. Afterwards, you can determine if your invention has any additional, broader applications within the industry. This way, you can benefit from the full scope of your novel idea. Absolutely, thoroughly and clearly understanding your invention is one of the most important steps to get a patent in NY.

Assess Your Invention’s Commercial Viability

Since getting a patent in NY is a business decision, you’ll want to assess commercial viability early on in the process. Before investing in intellectual property protection, carefully research the market to assess demand for your novel invention. Look at the industry leaders in order to evaluate opportunities and identify your largest possible competitors. You’ll also want to try and estimate the market size. This will help you determine if the field is big enough to accommodate and support new sellers, just like yourself. Definitely, you need to assess commercial viability when getting a patent in New York.

Hire A Patent Attorney

While it is possible to get a patent in NY on your own, it can be incredibly challenging and risky. That’s why you should hire a registered US patent attorney Ohio to provide you with process knowledge, legal expertise, and experience. Patent attorneys bring in thorough understanding of the entire patent drafting, filing, and prosecution procedure. With their assistance, you’ll have somebody who is well versed in the ins and outs of patent law in your corner. They can help you conduct a formal patent search to help you carefully comb through similar prior art references. Then, they’ll take care of the legwork required for preparing and submitting your finalized application. Certainly, hiring an expert attorney is a critical step to get a patent in NY.

Determine What Level Of Protection Is Required

With the help of your NY patent attorney, you need to determine what kind of protection is required. Your agent will help you select an application type based on your type of novel invention. Generally speaking, you can choose between provisional, design, or utility protection. If you want to take your invention internationally, you may want to look into filing a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or European Union (EU) application as well. There is no universal, one-size-fits-all patent application. That means you’ll carefully need to evaluate your invention’s functionality and visual characteristics in order to determine what you want to protect. Indeed, determine what kind of application you need when getting a patent in NY.

Prepare And Submit Your Application

Now, you are finally ready to prepare, submit, and get a patent in NY. The final execution process is fairly detailed, lengthy, and complex. Plus, there are countless interactions involved with USPTO office examiners. That being said, you can expect this phase of the process to take as long as, and potentially even longer than one year. By working with an expert attorney, you’ll be able to avoid any delays or obstacles throughout the process. After all, these professionals will thoroughly vet your application for any simple mistakes or errors. Surely, application preparation and submission is critical to get a patent in NY.

There’s several key steps to get a USPTO patent in NY and protect your novel idea. First off, clearly understand what your invention is, how it works, and how it will be protected. Next, assess the commercial viability of your novel idea. Now, you are ready to hire a patent agent Las Vegas Nevada. Once you’ve done so, determine what level of protection you require. Afterwards, you can prepare and submit your application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to get a patent in NY and protect your novel idea.

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