How To File A Patent Online With The USPTO


There are several key steps to file a patent online with the USPTO. After you’ve done all the work to design, test, and prototype your novel invention, it is finally time to get started with intellectual property filing. Properly-filed pieces of IP give you all the power to keep potential competitors, copycats, and knockoffs at bay. As an inventor yourself, you should know how these solutions protect your commercialization funnel. With convenient drafting and filing options, you can now secure a USPTO patent online – without ever leaving home. To protect your idea today, read on to learn how to file a patent online with the USPTO.

Assess Your Invention’s Commercial Viability

Before you can look further into filing a patent, you need to assess your invention’s commercial viability, feasibility, and potential. Acquiring a patent is a major financial investment and business decision. Even when you work with the best patent attorney Las Vegas, you’ll still need to pay for application drafting, filing, and prosecution. This means you should take some time to research the industry long before filing for protection. This way, you can assure it is worth the initial capital investment. Certainly, assess your invention’s commercial viability before your file a patent online with an expert attorney.

Determine What You Need

Next, you need to think about what kind of patent application you need to follow. There are a few important types of patent your invention may qualify for. All of these can easily be filed online with your virtual patent attorney. If you are searching for temporary protection, you may be best with a provisional patent application (PPA). This will provide you with a one-year, twelve-month “Patent Pending” status. Or, you can consider a non-provisional utility patent – which serves as a more long-term option. These are only available for original inventions, abstract ideas, or novel processes. If you want to protect your invention’s visual ornamental qualities, a design patent application will probably be best. Surely, determine what is needed when you file a patent online.  

Hire A Virtual Attorney

Now, you are ready to hire a flat-fee online patent attorney to help you navigate the USPTO drafting and filing process. An experienced attorney can help you streamline the process, improve your patentability, and avoid any costly mistakes. When you are searching for a lawyer, be sure to look at their database if successfully filed patents, along with their areas of expertise. This will give you better insights into their background, professional experience, and process knowledge. Indeed, hire a virtual attorney to file a patent online with the USPTO.

Conduct A Patent Search

Before you can file a patent online, you need to conduct a formal search. This is basically a thorough investigation of any similar prior art references, which could trigger patentability issues during filing. It will review any similar inventions, pending ideas, or issued pieces of IP. This way, you can reduce your risk of infringement, eliminate redundant work, and accelerate your commercialization funnel. Definitely, conduct a formal search to file a patent online with a licensed agent.

Draft A Formal Application

At this point, it is time to draft a formal patent application. Your IP application will contain various different parts, elements, and components. You can work alongside your attorney throughout the process to make sure everything is submitted properly. This way, you can avoid any mistakes or errors throughout the process. Otherwise, you could seriously damage your patentability. Fortunately, this entire procedure can be conducted conveniently and seamlessly online. This is primarily through the USPTO’s advanced eFiling system. At the conclusion of this process, you can await formal response from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Hopefully, this will result in your receiving a patent online.

There are several key steps to file a patent online with the USPTO. First off, assess your invention’s commercial viability and profit potential. Next, you need to think about what kind of patent you need. Depending on your invention’s configuration, you may want to look into a utility, provisional, or design patent online. Then, you can hire a virtual attorney to help you navigate the prosecution process. Once you are ready, you can officially begin the patent filing process. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to file a patent online with the USPTO.

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