How Much Does Patent Cost To File From Start To Finish


There are several steps to assess the cost of patent filing from start to finish in the US. There is no simple answer to how much your patent will cost. Of course, patent applications widely vary in complexity, fees, coverage, and protection term. As an inventor, you should familiarize yourself with the entire USPTO patent filing process to help you get a better picture of filing fees, drafting expenses, and prosecution costs. This way, you can secure legally binding patent protection for an affordable rate. Read on to learn about how much does patent cost to file from start to finish in the US.

Searching Prior Arts

First off, you will incur patent filing fees when searching for prior arts. Typically, this process involves obtaining a comprehensive patent search report. To obtain these analysis, work closely with a certified USPTO patent search agent. These licensed professionals will help you conduct an accurate search of all the domestic and international patents issued since 1790. In exchange for these accurate search solutions, you will be required to pay $199 to $299. With these professional services, you can reduce redundant research, speed up your commercialization period, and gain detailed insights into competitor activity. At the same time, this will help you lower the potential risk of IP infringement. Certainly, consider the cost of searching for prior arts to determine how much patents cost to file in the US.

Securing A ‘Patent Pending’ Status

In addition, consider the fees associated with securing a patent pending status to determine how much does patent filing cost. Inventors must secure a provisional patent application (PPA) to secure a twelve-month, legally-binding ‘Patent Pending’ status. Of course, it will likely cost an additional $179 to obtain a professionally-drafted PPA. With this application secured, you can extend your patent term and secure an official filing date with the USPTO. At the same time, these solutions give you an additional year to conduct IP research and gather everything you need to draft your application. Surely, analyze the cost of securing a patent pending status to estimate how much patent drafting costs in the US.

Protecting Your Novel Design

Next, you may be charged additional fees to protect your novel invention’s unique design. Securing a design patent application generally costs $979. Fortunately, these applications do not require maintenance fees once obtained. Of course, this will help you protect the ornamental design and configuration of your functional product. Surely, these applications are most commonly used for inventions like beverage containers, jewelry, or furniture. Simultaneously, these applications are commonly reviewed faster, which often allows you to obtain an application in under a year. Indeed, consider how much it costs to file a design patent online in the United States to estimate your overall expenses.

Obtaining Your Utility Patent

Now, you are ready to pay for the costs of filing a non-provisional utility patent application. Non-provisional, utility patent applications are the most expensive form of intellectual property protection. In exchange, they provide the highest-level of patent protection for up to twenty years. To secure your own application, prepare to pay approximately $2,779. Once obtained, these benefits will provide broad patent protection on the functional aspects of your invention. Absolutely, consider how much non-provisional patents cost to prepare for successful drafting, filing, and prosecution.

Prosecuting Your Application

At this point, you may be required to pay additional expenses for prosecuting your patent application in the US. Skilled patent prosecution teams are capable of handling the most complex applications and office action response matters. These intellectual property first place a strategic focus on application drafting, claiming, and portfolio counseling. Throughout the prosecution process, your IP agent will correspond back and forth with USPTO examiners. Simultaneously, they may ask to interview the examiner’s supervisor and prosecute your application for further appeal. This way, you can uncover the proper subject matter needed to file your intellectual property claim. Definitely, thoroughly analyze how much it costs to prosecute your patent application in the United States.

There are several steps to determine how much does patent cost to file from start to finish. First off, thoroughly analyze the costs of searching for prior arts. Then, you will be charged to secure a patent pending status with a provisional application. Afterwards, speaking with your agent about securing your unique, novel design. Then, factor in the expenses of securing your non provisional patent. Depending on the response from the USPTO, you may also be asked to prosecute your application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how much does patent cost to file from start to finish in the US.

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