How Do I File A Patent Online For My Invention

There’s a few essential steps to keep in mind when filing a patent online for your novel invention. Nowadays, securing a provisional, design, or utility patent is more important than ever before. After all, these valuable pieces of intellectual property (IP) reduce competition, promote higher profit margins, and expand market share. In short, you’ll have the legal right to prohibit others from manufacturing, importing, distributing, or profiting from your novel ideas in anyway. Since they offer a myriad of benefits, it is no wonder why many strategic inventors, like yourself, are looking to file patents online. But before you get started, you’ll want to know all about the different USPTO patent filing steps. To begin now, read on to learn how do I file a patent online for my invention.

Assess Commercial Viability

First things first, you want to make sure your novel invention is commercially viable. This is arguably the very first step of filing a patent application online for your invention. At the end of the day, applying for IP is a serious investment and a major business decision. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars to obtain a professionally drafted and filed patent application with the USPTO. Before moving forward, you need to assure that your product makes commercial business sense. Take time to research the market, analyze some competitors, and determine whether or not intellectual property is required. Definitely, commercial viability assessment is an important first step to file a patent online for your invention.

Determine What You Need

At this point, you’ll need to determine exactly what time of online patent you are looking to file. There are a few popular types of patents you can use to safeguard your intellectual property inventions or ideas. If you’re just getting started, you may want to begin with a provisional application to secure a temporary, twelve month “Patent Pending” title. Or, you can secure a design patent to protect the visual, ornamental characteristics of your novel idea. To fully protect it’s structural features, configuration, and functionality, however, you need to get a utility patent. Certainly, determine your needs to file a patent online for your invention.

Hire A USPTO Registered Agent

Next, hire a patent agent Boston to help you navigate the drafting, filing, and prosecution process. It is highly recommended to work with a versatile, experienced, and knowledgeable agent throughout patent filing. These professionals have successfully secured hundreds of applications for clients in a wide range of professional industries. With their support, you’ll be able to navigate the IP filing process with confidence and peace of mind. Since you are filing online, you don’t have to base your choice off of geographic location restrictions. This means you can essentially work with registered attorneys from all over the United States. Surely, hiring a registered agent is one of the most important steps to file a patent online for your invention.

Gather All The Essential Documents

Now, you are ready to start collecting and gathering all the required documents for the online patent filing process. There’s several key files that need to be included in your initial patent application. For a start, it needs to contain a sophisticated background, abstract, and summary relevant to your invention. You also should include a formalized detailed description and any drawings that you may have. Plus, prepare an organized conclusion as well. This should contain the ramifications and project scope as well. It may also be helpful to clearly define the legal scope of your application. Fortunately, your patent lawyer can help you swiftly navigate these steps with confidence. Absolutely, documents collection is key to file a USPTO patent online for your novel invention.

Actively Participate In The Process

Once you’ve hired an agent, you want to actively participate in the online patent filing process. Being an active participant can make the entire patent process go much smoother. Usually, you’ll have one USPTO patent examiner that will be assigned to your case. You and your agent will learn to collaboratively work with them, in order to secure your application in a timely manner. Of course, your lawyer will communicate directly with these USPTO professionals in most cases. However, you can swiftly move the process along with proactive communications and responses. Indeed, actively participating in the process is one of the most important steps to file a patent online for your invention.

There are a few essential steps to file a patent online for your novel idea or invention. First off, assess the commercial viability and power of your invention. Once you’ve done so, choose the best type of application for your unique invention or idea. Then, you can hire a registered patent attorney in Charlotte NC. Once you’ve done so, you’ll want to actively participate throughout the entire drafting, filing, and prosecution process. You should also take time to get all the required documents and files in order. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how do I file a patent online for my invention.

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