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At Patent 360 LLC we specialize in the drafting and filing of strong, world class patent applications with a quick turn around time. Our team’s expertise extends to drafting provisional, non-provisional, design, and utility patent applications. Our experienced patent agents are experts in responding to objections raised by the US patent office. Whether you are searching for your first patent, or are looking to add another to your IP portfolio, we provide the expertise to navigate the process.

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Patent Search Reports

Learn what already exists in the public domain and invent around them to increase your own invention’s patentability.

Provisional Patent Filing
$179 + $60

Temporary for 12 months, for a product or method and how it works, then decide to convert to a non-provisional utility patent app.

Design Patent Prosecution
$845 + $204

Apply to protect the exterior design and shape of your invention for 15 years. Does not protect how the invention works, just the shape.

Non-Provisional Utility Patents
$3500 + $364

Apply to protect how your invention works. 20 years of protection, if approved. Available for $3500, plus a USPTO filing fee.

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Patent 360 LLC. is an Intellectual Property (IP) Consulting Firm. We have extensive portfolio of domestic and international clients that includes private individuals, multi-national corporations, universities, companies ranging from small start-up companies to large businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. We provide a full range of integrated intellectual property services, including:

  • Patent Search Reports
  • Provisional Patent Filing
  • Design Patent Prosecution
  • Utility Patent Drafting
  • Patent Analytics
  • Patent Consulting
  • Office Action Responses
  • International Patent Filing

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