Why Hire A Certified Patent Search Company For IP Prosecution


There’s so many reasons to hire a certified patent search company to aid in intellectual property (IP) prosecution. Also referred to as a novelty or prior art reference search, a patent search is meant to assess the novelty, originality, and uniqueness of novel inventions. Ultimately, it is used to determine “patentability” on new ideas, creations, and inventions. As an inventor yourself, obtaining a USPTO utility patent search will prove an essential component of the entire prosecution process. After all, it will give you a well-rounded, expert view of similar prior art references throughout your industry. To help you get started, read on to learn why hire a certified patent search company for IP prosecution.  

Streamline Patent Prosecution

A thorough, meticulous patent search company can help you significantly streamline the entire drafting, filing, and prosecution process. A patent search gives you plenty of time to review any potential prior art references. This helps make strategic decisions about how to proceed with patent prosecution. Ultimately, it helps your search team assess the boundary of invention. This way, you can protect your invention with claims that are not limited. Ultimately, this saves time, money, and leads to an easier patenting process. Certainly, you should hire a patent search company to help you streamline the overall prosecution process.

Enable A Competitive Advantage

By working with a patent search company, you can also enable a competitive advantage for your company or novel invention. Throughout the search, you’ll gain tons of new information and knowledge about your top industry competitors. This will give you a better understanding of their intellectual property goals, strategies, and existing assets. With this foundational knowledge, you can tweak your invention to better align with your current market. Of course, this can seriously extend and improve the outlook of your invention’s future. Surely, your chosen patent search company can help you leverage a competitive advantage across your organization.

Reduce Redundant Research

Plus, securing a report with a patent search company will help you reduce redundant research. Oftentimes, your patent search report will reveal that your invention is not eligible for IP protection. In this case, it may need to be modified, changed, or abandoned. If this happens, it is important to find out early on. After all, this can save you a significant time of time, money, and energy. After all, you will no longer waste time protecting an invention that is unpatentable. Indeed, working with a patent search company can help you reduce, and potentially even eliminate redundant research.

Save Time

Moreover, a patent search company will help you save a great deal of time when applying for intellectual property. While an in-depth search may take time and effort, it will certainly help you save it in the long-run. With a search report obtained early-on, your patent team will have all the necessary resources and information to properly prepare your document later. This saves time, which would later be spent on research or USPTO examination preparation. Simultaneously, it will likely lead to less rejections and correspondences with the United States Patent Office. Absolutely, you should work with a provisional, design, or utility patent search company to save time throughout filing.

Eliminate The Risk Of Infringement

Equally as important, working with a patent search team can greatly lower your chances of infringement. The main goal of the search process is to uncover any similar prior art references. This will quickly identify any similar products or ideas with comparable qualities. It will additionally designate if these inventions are already protected with intellectual property rights. Then, you can figure out how to craft your application in light of other products that exist. Definitely, hire a patent search agency to lower the risks and chances of infringement.

There’s so many reasons to hire a USPTO registered patent search agent. First off, consider these innovative services to streamline the entire patent filing, drafting, and prosecution process. In addition, these solutions help modern inventors enable a competitive advantage on their original ideas. Plus, these services are known to save time and reduce redundant research. Moreover, a professional patent search company can significantly lower your risk of infringement. Follow the points highlighted above to learn why hire a certified patent search company for IP prosecution.  

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