How To File A Provisional Patent Application Online With Expert IP Help


There are several important steps to file a provisional patent application (PPA) online with expert intellectual property (IP) assistance. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has offered PPAs to novel inventors since June of 1995. Initially, these applications were designed for lower costs, faster approval, and filing simplicity. With a PPA, inventors can secure an early priority filing data, as well as a “Patent Pending” status. Nowadays, drafting, filing, and prosecuting a provisional patent is much easier than in the past. In fact, you can even secure a complete application online – right from the comfort of your home. To get started now, read on to learn how to file a provisional patent application online with expert IP help.

Find An Online IP Expert

First and foremost, you need to find a veteran IP expert that specializes in California provisional patent filing. Many of the best provisional patent agents and attorneys work remotely to serve clients online. This allows them to work with novel inventors from all over the United States. When searching for filing assistance, you have a number of viable options. Most commonly, inventors seek referrals from colleagues or search online. You can also try to attend some inventor conferences and networking events in your community. Indeed, find an online IP expert to help you file a provisional patent application.  

Detail Your Invention

Before you can file a provisional patent application, you need to clearly describe your invention. You want to clearly define your idea, so that it can be easily understood by the US Patent Office. Emphasize what your invention is, what the utility is, and how it is manufactured. Start off by defining your invention through drawings. These can be any form of illustration – including diagrams, blueprints, images, or flowcharts. Next, take time to describe your invention through detailed words. Within this section, you can specify any important parts, features, functions, or production specs. Surely, detail your invention when filing an online patent application with an IP expert.

Complete USPTO Documents

Now, you are ready to complete required USPTO documents for online provisional patent application filing. USPTO paperwork needs to be completed with extreme caution and attention-to-detail. One simple error could negatively impact your patentability potential. Fortunately, you’ll have your provisional patent agent Minnesota to help you navigate the process. Most importantly, you need to fill out and submit the USPTO’s Form SB-16. This serves as the cover sheet for your PPA. Within this form, you’ll need to outline the main inventors, the idea’s title, as well as additional correspondence notes. It will also include a formal disclosure and your signature. Certainly, complete USPTO documents to file a provisional patent application online.

Submit The Application

Now, you are officially ready to submit your provisional patent application online. Once your PPA is submitted and approved, you can begin marketing your invention with the “Patent Pending” title. This is especially attractive to potential investors and other external stakeholders. Receiving your provisional patent is a major milestone for success to many inventors. In fact, PPA filing tends to increase startup value by over $1 Million. That being said, this entire process should be considered a major win for your visionary idea. Definitely, submit the application to file a provisional patent online this year.  

Move On To Non-Provisional Filing

Once your online provisional patent is filed and approved, you should start immediately thinking about non-provisional applications. A completed PPA only has a one-year “Patent Pending” title. This means you’ll have only 365 days to secure a utility patent. Fortunately, your provisional application will provide you with an official priority filing date with the USPTO. This means you can easily convert your application following the one-year pendency. To ensure the process goes smoothly, you should work with an IP practitioner that specializes in non-provisional, utility patents as well. This way, they can handle the entire conversion process for you.   

There are several key steps to file an online PPA with expert intellectual property help. First off, search for expert IP assistance and support. Ideally, you want to find a skilled professional with years of experience in provisional and non-provisional utility patent filing California. Next, describe your invention with detailed drawings and words. Once you’ve done so, you can start completing documents with the USPTO. After your application is secured, you should immediately start thinking about non-provisional filing. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to file a provisional patent application online with expert IP help.

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