How To Get A Design Patent New Mexico With A USPTO Registered Agent


There are several important steps to get a design patent NM with a USPTO registered agent. A design patent is a powerful form of intellectual property to secure the visual ornamental characteristics that are embodied within, or applied to your article of manufacture. Commonly, these are applied to packaging materials, jewelry products, automobiles, or even furniture. Obtaining this form of protection, you can effectively prevent knockoffs and secure your unique appearance, which will deter potential competitors. In fact, you can even leverage your design patent to prevent importation or infringing products. To help you get started, read on to learn about how to get a design patent New Mexico with a USPTO registered agent.

Hire A USPTO Registered Patent Agent

Firstly, you will need to hire a USPTO registered patent agent NM. A USPTO registered agent is an excellent resource to help you save money, accelerate patent protection, and protect your visual ornamental design. When hiring an agent, it is important to review their industry experience, patent database, and former testimonials. Simultaneously, you should inspect their areas of IP expertise. For example, some registered agents may specialize in medical device electronics, information processing, and image. Certainly, hiring a USPTO registered patent agent is an important step to get your New Mexico design patent.

Disclose Your Invention Design

Next, you can disclose your invention design to your New Mexico patent agent. This will begin with a simple consultation with your USPTO agent. During this time, you can discuss your design, emphasize how your product works, and explain its visual features. Simultaneously, you should clearly express features relating to color, texture, and weight. Once you have done so, you will be able to download an invention disclosure form (IDF) and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This way, you can move forward in the patent prosecution process confidently with peace of mind. Certainly, invention disclosure is an important step of the New Mexico design patent filing process.

Separate Utility & Design Aspects

With your design disclosed, you can now separate utility and design aspects. Simply, utility aspects represent any functional, useable components of your invention. Of course, you will be unable to protect these with your design patent application. Therefore, if there are any structural features of your invention, you may want to consider provisional or non provisional patent filing as well. In fact, you may want to consider protecting your functional aspects prior to applying for a design patent. Afterall, a utility patent will provide you a broader scope of rights when properly filed. Indeed, aspect separation is a principal step for successful design patent filing New Mexico.

Request A Patent Search Report

Now, you are ready to request a New Mexico design patent search report. A patent search report is a dependable resource to analyze any prior arts similar to your invention. Of course, this is essential in analyzing your invention’s patentability. Obtaining this report, you can receive thorough results, defend your patent, save time and money. Naturally, this will give you confidence in your patentability and improve your chances of patent success. Absolutely, a patent search report NM is a great resource to assess your design application readiness.

Prepare & Process Your Application

At this point, it is time to prepare and process your New Mexico design patent application. With the help of your USPTO agent, the process to draft, file, and send your application is fairly straightforward. In fact, these licensed professionals will provide professional guidance to help you successfully prosecute your application. Simultaneously, many firms partner with professional illustrators to help you accurately draft your design drawings in accordance with USPTO requirements. Absolutely, application preparation, processing, and distribution is a key step in the design patent process New Mexico.

There are several important steps to get a design patent New Mexico with a USPTO registered agent. First, partner with a reputable patent attorney alternative to help you navigate the prosecution process. Next, disclose your design with your registered agent. Once you have done so, separate your visual ornamental characteristics from your structural, functional aspects. Now, you are ready to request an expert search report. At this point, it is time to process your completed application. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how to get a design patent New Mexico with a USPTO registered agent.

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