5 Affordable Online USA Patent Attorney Services For Your Novel Invention Idea


Skilled, affordable online USA patent attorneys offer several helpful services for new novel invention ideas. Virtual, online patent lawyers are always available to guide strategic inventors through every step of the planning, application, acquisition, and enforcement process. They conduct a wide range of services that help validate, register, prosecute, and maintain legally-binding applications. As an inventor yourself, you should know how an online USPTO patent attorney in Michigan can help you on your journey towards intellectual property (IP) protection and commercialization. This way, you can acquire adequate defense for your once-in-a-lifetime, innovative idea. Read on to learn about the top affordable online USA patent attorney services for your novel invention idea.

Strategic IP Planning

Before a single application is filed, your IP attorney may recommend strategic online patent planning services USA. This is where your attorney maps out your overall strategy for intellectual property searching, acquisition, prosecution, and maintenance. During these services, lawyers will also ask more about your direct competitors, protection goals, and intended modifications. They may also ask about what makes your invention truly novel, non-obvious, and unique. Based on this information, they’ll also recommend the appropriate IP prosecution strategies to pursue. Indeed, speak with your affordable online patent attorney about strategic intellectual property planning services.

Patent Project Management

Experienced online USA patent attorneys help you navigate, organize, plan, and execute IP prosecution projects. In project management services, your lawyer will apply strategic practices, technical skills, focused deliverables, and planning techniques to help you achieve patenting success. Their extensive, in-depth expertise of USPTO requirements, IP registration timelines, maintenance needs, and financial obligation is incredibly beneficial throughout the process. Think of your affordable online USA patent attorney as your biggest ally during this journey. With thorough project management services, you can better mange resources, mitigate risk, and sustain a competitive advantage. Certainly, project management is an affordable online patent attorney service that can benefit your original invention idea.

Patent Application Preparation

There are also specific online patent attorney services for preparing your intellectual property application. Professional attorneys have a wide range of experience preparing provisional, design, and utility patent applications. They can additionally organize applications for specific invention types – including software products, medical devices, and imaging processing systems. With their extensive knowledge of application and submission requirements, these services can greatly speed up the time to commercialization. Absolutely, speak with your lawyer about online patent attorney services for application preparation.

Intellectual Property (IP) Prosecution, Appeal, And Response

Once your application is submitted, you still may need online patent attorney services for IP prosecution. During intellectual property prosecution, your USPTO patent lawyer New York will negotiate with certified examiners from the United States Patent Office. These interactions usually occur through back-and-forth written arguments, as well as virtual online interviews. The USPTO examiner will produce argumentative statements – known as an Office Action. Then, your online patent attorney can rely with a response. To ensure success during IP prosecution, you need to hire a knowledgeable lawyer that is experienced in legal negotiations, IP law, and current technology. Surely, IP prosecution is an essential online patent attorney service to speak with your practitioner about.

Patent Infringement Defense

In many cases, receiving your design or utility patent application is only half the battle. Once you’re patent is obtained, you have exclusive use to manufacture, import, sell, or profit from your invention in anyway. This means you also have the ability to protect against infringers. Speak with your online, affordable patent attorney to determine the best course of action. In many cases, you may be advised to request royalties or suggest a licensing agreements. Or, your lawyer can help you prepare an official cease and desist letter. Definitely, there are patent attorney online services for post-acquisition infringement defense.

There are several affordable online USA patent attorney services for your novel invention idea. Before the process even begins, your patent agent or attorney may recommend strategic IP planning services. Many expert IP lawyers Chicago offer specialty project management services to help you navigate the patenting process. Of course, many skilled, professional attorneys will also guide you through the patent prosecution process. They can even help with defending your application after the patent is secured. Follow the points above to learn about the top affordable online USA patent attorney services for your novel invention idea.

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